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Do you want to use an electric toothbrush?

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As the boss of the electric toothbrush industry, the cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush of international brands is great. The price also has several grades. If you have a sufficient budget, more than 500 electric toothbrush can close your eyes. Just pay attention to it, the bristles are hard, if the oral health is not very good, be careful to enter, this is the "old man's words" after I have suffered losses.

5 on their teeth to do a self-examination every two weeks, in front of the mirror to see the electric toothbrush brushing, to see whether there is improvement, or to see whether there is wear to the gums (generally there will be swelling, pain), so as to improve the way of brushing and the use of scientific. 6. Don't rush to improve the teeth problem, many users now on dental care very seriously, but often again into the other extreme, the past is not care to take it easy, now also attaches great importance to seriously rise, if such a day clean, white teeth all teeth problems can be solved, all kinds of violence to brush your teeth, Excessive use of electric toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, etc., excessive cleaning care can also lead to dental problems, remember! 7. Brush head must be replaced every 3-4 months, do not be stingy, in this matter or frequently change, because the life cycle of most brush head is only so long, expired to continue to wear teeth. 8. Many people ask whether they should brush their teeth hard with electric toothbrush, but really not hard. Many people think that they still need to use electric toothbrush hard, which eventually leads to excessive wear. In fact, the correct usage is generally to brush the tooth surface, as long as the brushing area can be moved, without hard brushing.

It comes with 2 soft silk brush heads. The bristles are designed with a 3mm drop. The soft and hard bristles are mixed, the entrance is not hard, and there is no peculiar smell, and the use is safe. The airflow and spray produced by the high-speed vibration of the brush head are visible to the naked eye, but the sound is very small, and it is very comfortable to use; Bad or cheap electric toothbrushes are noisy and even a bit scratchy, which can be bad for your ears and mouth.

Of the dozens of electric toothbrushes I've used, this is the best gum care experience I've ever had, and it's clean! As a former provider of dental data and technology solutions, it has strong professional strength and is currently the leader in the field of non-damaging teeth, which can reduce 80% of the damage of brushing under high intensity vibration frequency! It also makes special optimization for chronic teeth that are not easy to be found for a long time, so it is recommended by many dentists! Because never do advertising, so by the media as "minority do not hurt tooth treasure brand"!

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