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Does Normal toothbrush brush cleaner than an electric toothbrush?

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Does Normal toothbrush brush cleaner than an electric toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a very personal item. Therefore, before we buy, we should not only consider whether the product is suitable for personal dental conditions, whether the design is scientific, but also consider the appearance level of the product, as well as its comprehensiveness and portability. At least in terms of appearance, I really think electric toothbrushes beat other monochrome electric toothbrushes. Established clean force, to be able to "tooth injury rate dropped to the lowest, and the scope of the safe enough, better than most of the electric toothbrush with comfort, more security higher precision of frequency and amplitude of the swing, more high quality selection of materials, with the car factory produce high-end motors through motor manufacturers, at the same time every root brush is roughly uniform number, In order to achieve a lower rate of tooth injury, electric toothbrush focuses on the research and development of aero-class packaging and fixing process, with a more durable, stable and precise swing range.

Many people ask which electric toothbrush is best, and it's an unanswerable question because "best" is a relative term: the one that best suits the condition of your teeth and gums. So, how to choose the best electric toothbrush for you? Choosing an electric toothbrush can be considered in terms of ease of use, gingival sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, special functions, etc.

The sound of the electric toothbrush is very low. The electric toothbrush can be used for a long time once it is charged, and once it is used, it is inseparable from the electric toothbrush. Toothbrush measured swing strength is large. Toothbrush hardness is moderate, cleaning dirt effect is good

The first time to buy an electric toothbrush, I take it as the first time to use an electric toothbrush. What should I notice when using an electric toothbrush for the first time? Pay attention to the use of electric toothbrush method, pay attention to the purchase of electric toothbrush several elements. The correct use method of electric toothbrush, the commonplace brush teeth method.

The bristles of the electric toothbrush are classic Dupont bristles, with moderate hardness, high density of hair planting and strong cleaning force. The curved surface design also makes the brush head more fit the tooth surface. Electric toothbrush has five modes to choose from. You can start from the sensitive protection mode for the first time. The strength of this mode is gentle and suitable for first-time users. And there is a 30s change zone prompt, as well as 2mins scientific brushing time setting, so that the subject can brush the full 2 minutes every time you brush your teeth. It has a battery life of 21 days and can be recharged when the battery is low, which is enough for daily use.

This electric toothbrush not only has the prompt of 30 seconds' change zone and 2 minutes' brushing time, but also specially adds the prompt of 90 days' change of brush head, so the design is more considerate. 

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