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Does an electric toothbrush work better than a regular one?

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-16      Origin: Site

I have been using electric toothbrushes since college. I have heard from my dentist that electric toothbrushes are essentially the same as regular toothbrushes. As long as you brush your teeth carefully, the cleaning effect is the same. But in fact, many students are lazy, brushing teeth twice a day is barely enough, it is impossible to use ordinary toothbrush to brush the effect of electric toothbrush. I've used quite a few electric toothbrushes since I was in college. If you are a beginner, I can suggest you use my current electric toothbrush, a domestic brand. Use the one with the best motion sense. Because it was really quiet, which surprised me. Using so many electric toothbrushes and thinking that all electric toothbrushes are rude. Did not expect to be divided into products, some products are better.

Careful brushing is the cheapest way to avoid wasting thousands of dollars on dental work. Then there is the electric toothbrush bristles. Their bristles are really soft, and the soft brushes can go deep into the space between teeth, which is convenient to clean the residue between teeth. It is very friendly to sensitive gingival, and there is no puncture feeling after using it for half a year. I used it normally when I had oral ulcer before, and it had no impact. The recommended brushing time should be more than 2 minutes. But in fact, when people brush their teeth, their brain has no concept of time, and their hands are lazy, and the action of brushing their teeth is not up to 2 minutes. Come down for a long time, tooth decay caused by careless brushing, periodontal disease will find. And that's where this electric toothbrush comes in. Not only can it automatically time the brushing time for 2 minutes, but it will also vibrate every 30 seconds to remind people to change positions, so that people brush their teeth mindlessly. This function is really delicious. But at the end of the day, it's important to choose what's right for you and pay attention to your oral hygiene.

Many people think that manual brushing can be done after a long time, but there is nothing you can do about the dirt deep between your teeth, not to mention the sticky plaque, which can not be removed by rubbing on the surface. Electric toothbrush cleaning force is not strong, vibration frequency is very important, plain sterilization brush per minute can reach 37200 vibration, this vibration frequency, manual brush all day, cleaning force bar. High speed vibration frequency to effectively remove tartar, deep into the blind area of the mouth!

Electric toothbrush is not necessarily cleaner than ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush just can reach the frequency that hands cannot reach, that's all, can brush clean mainly depends on the friction area between toothbrush and tooth is big enough, long enough, enough strength! Finally, we recommend you to buy a small, soft electric toothbrush, remember when brushing your teeth horizontal brush will not hurt the gums oh .

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