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Does daily use of an electric toothbrush make your teeth loose?

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In general, a slightly better electric toothbrush is less harmful and cleaner than manual brushing.So no matter long-term or short-term use of electric toothbrush, for teeth will not cause negative effects.At present, there are mainly two kinds of electric toothbrushes of rotary and acoustic mode on the market. According to your description, the electric toothbrushes of rotary type should be used.This series of electric toothbrushes are different from sonic electric toothbrushes in longitudinal vibration, which will cause more damage to teeth.Because standard brushing, the bristles are aligned at a 45 degree Angle to the gum and vibrate horizontally, it is more effective in removing plaque and reducing wear on the teeth.While the rotary electric toothbrush directly pendulum motion, relatively more violent.It doesn't conform to standard brushing.If you often bleed, there may be periodontitis, or dental calculus is a bit serious, it is recommended to go to a professional dental hospital for examination and treatment.The likelihood washes a tooth commonly, charge won't be very high.But for their own dental condition, can make an overall improvement.To switch back to a regular toothbrush, use a fine-bristled one with soft bristles.Then, under the premise of fully mastering the modified Pap brushing method, clean for no less than 3 minutes.So consider swapping sonic electric toothbrushes for clean teeth.By the way, if you need to pick up a sonic electric toothbrush.It is suggested to pay attention to the following points: 1. Do not choose the entry-level electric toothbrush. The general entry-level electric toothbrush has only one function file, which may not be able to meet the daily needs of individuals.2. Choose an electric toothbrush with soft bristles because of its high frequency, the cleaning effect will be better, but using hard bristles will cause more wear and tear on teeth, so it is not recommended to use it.3. Choose rechargeable electric toothbrush with battery not only has a short life cycle, but also needs to change the battery frequently, which is quite troublesome.And the voltage is not stable enough, affecting the use.Last but not least, I think about it every day and dream about it every night. Tooth loss is purely a psychological effect. I just need to keep a positive attitude and exercise more.

A, long-term use of electric toothbrush can cause loose teeth?Don't.First of all, the tooth itself will have a certain space to move, and as long as the correct use of electric toothbrush, teeth will not have a lot of wear.If it is worn, there will be. This manual and electric toothbrush are the same, both have wear.But because teeth are so strong, as long as you brush them correctly, they will wear well into your 100s.Ii. Do you need to change manual toothbrush?Or a more advanced electric toothbrush?If you have a good brushing habit and are willing to stick to it, use a manual or electric toothbrush.If you want to be convenient and save effort, you can continue to use the electric toothbrush. If it is rotary, it is recommended that you choose the pressure sensing electric toothbrush. If it is acoustic wave, the vibration frequency of 30000 times/min is better.Don't worry too much. Your teeth will be fine.

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