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Does electric toothbrush brush head to have been ironed with boiled water need not change?

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Of course not, first, from the sanitary level, we say that a lot of germs and bacteria are killed by boiling water. For example, if you use an ordinary toothbrush, will it last forever? This is also impossible. Second, in addition to the handle of electric toothbrush motor is very important and toothbrush head is also very important. Electric toothbrush heads can become as deformed and bristles explode over time as manual ones, so why not replace them? We buy electric toothbrushes for roundness and hardness of the bristles. If these are not available, then using a substandard electric toothbrush will do harm to the teeth. The replacement of a brush head is that in addition to the breeding of bacteria, there is another is that after long-term use, the brush will slowly lose elasticity. When you brush your teeth, if you do not use the brush head to clean it, the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. Dentists generally recommend replacing the electric toothbrush head within three months, and our brush head should stand up on the mouthwash cup, and try to put it in a ventilated and damp position, to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Hot water is pasteurization, but the brush wire of electric toothbrush is not suitable for heating disinfection, high temperature will soften the brush wire, and it is easier to deform teeth. Therefore, it is not recommended to boil the brush head. The electric toothbrush that the word that you want to disinfect recommends to contain ultraviolet ray disinfects storehouse, use every time can be put inside storehouse disinfect, come commonly 10-20 minutes can be done.

In addition to disinfection, it is also necessary to observe the wear degree of the bristles. If the bristles are split, deformed, and there are burr on the top of the bristles, the brush head needs to be replaced. Further use will cause damage to teeth and gums, and the cleaning power will continue to decrease. Electric toothbrush brush head is consumable, until the time to replace, now the reason to vigorously promote electric toothbrush, is to be good to the teeth, so the brush head is bad to replace properly, if you feel that the brush head is very expensive, in the big promotion or electric toothbrush activities to store some brush head, in case of a rainy day.

Generally speaking, the toothbrush brush head will breed certain bacteria after using for a long time. We must replace the brush head in time to ensure our oral hygiene. It is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months for both regular and electric toothbrushes. Brush a head to want to change commonly 3 months, brush a head to iron also just disinfect, but can brush a head commonly after 3 months coarse bifurcate, cleanness drops, can increase tooth wear and tear greatly at the same time spend.Electric toothbrush vibrates evenly and steadily, providing necessary cleaning power to every tooth.

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