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Does the dentist approve water flosser?

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Does the dentist approve water flosser?


Does the dentist recommend a washout? What are the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser? Do dentists recommend water flosser? Do you want to go? This is probably what everyone wants to know, because dentists are some of the most trusted doctors in the industry. We must know that water flosser has been very popular in recent years, but there has been a belief circulating online that many people say that dentists do not recommend water flosser. Many media outlets and brand manufacturers have refuted rumors online that there is no such thing, and most dentists recommend using water flosser. So what happened? To ease the concerns of users who want to buy and are using pine. Today, I will talk with you about whether the dentist really does not recommend the use of pine? Summarize and analyze whether the doctor recommends water flosser? Is it necessary to buy it? And the pros and cons of water flosser.


1. Is it true that dentists don't recommend water flosser with water? What is the reason?


In fact, there has been a debate on the Internet about what doctors recommend. Because the market capacity of pine is indeed large, the heat of discussion is not reduced. All kinds of opinions flooded the Internet. After communicating with several dental colleagues, some of them were confused by the fact that dentists do not recommend using water flosser. Some people think it should have happened years ago, and some people say dentists shouldn't have recommended it. water flosser. All in all, although opinions differ, the conclusion is that at least they do not recommend the use of water pine. There are three points of view.

Point 1: Some dentists believe that water flosser was not recommended years ago. A lot of dentists didn't know about pine, didn't use it, just heard about it. Most dentists subconsciously think it's an IQ tax! However, with the popularity of pine in recent years, many dentists have also come into contact with pine and found it valuable, so over the years many dentists have encouraged everyone to use pine.


Some dentists also said that dentists are human beings, and it is normal to reject and accept some emerging dental care products. This may be due to the hype and rejection of pine advertising and marketing on the Internet in recent years, and some dentists have stuck with the generic product. A toothbrush can also clean your teeth.
There is a group of people who are not advised to use water flosser, such as people over 70 years old and children under 10 years old, and water flosser has harmful effects on the teeth and gums. It is not recommended for people with serious dental problems. Of course, there are not many people in this group. Often, these people experience severe pain, frequent gum bleeding, and other problems.


2. Does your doctor recommend water flosser? What is the general attitude of dentists towards water flosser?


Most dentists encourage everyone to use pine, because most dentists believe that pine can make up for the blind spots and dead corners of the toothbrush, greatly improve our teeth cleaning efficiency and prevent dental diseases, In particular, the effect of removing tooth bacteria can greatly improve the effect of preventing and improving dental diseases. But apply it to the population and use the right approach. Four dental colleagues discuss the pros and cons of their use of water flosser. Various water flosser advertisements on the Internet overemphasize the benefits brought by water flosser, while ignoring some disadvantages of water dental method. This can easily mislead consumers!


3, Regarding the benefits of water flosser, several dental colleagues stressed that the benefits of water flosser are mainly to make up for the blind spot of toothbrush cleaning.

Benefit 1: water flosser uses pressurized water to flush out the gap between the teeth and the gum line, cleaning these areas that are very easy to hide tooth bacteria. Often these areas are difficult to clean with a toothbrush, as the bristles of a toothbrush have a hard time getting deep into the space between the teeth, the gum line and the tooth socket to clean, even for cavities, periodontal pockets and braces for orthodontic patients. There are a lot of blind spots in the tooth area, and tooth bacteria and food debris are easy to hide, such as orthotics. Usually these areas are also high incidence areas of dental disease, so the pine can effectively clean these areas by water flow. It can be said that it makes up for the cleaning power of brushing to a large extent, and greatly improves the disease prevention ability of teeth and mouth
Benefit 2: water flosser can prevent and slow down symptoms such as gingivitis and periodontitis. On the one hand, pine can rinse the periodontal pocket and gum groove in time to avoid further stimulation of dental bacteria on the gums. In addition, pine can massage the gums, stimulate blood circulation, and improve the self-repair ability of periodontal tissue.


Benefit 3: water flosser can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as water is available, so it can be rinsed after meals to keep breath fresh while minimizing the deposition of tooth bacteria and food debris.


Benefit 4: Effectively rinse the teeth at any time, especially the gap between the teeth and the gum line is where dental bacteria like to hide. Timely rinsing can clean these areas in time and reduce the number of teeth cleaned each year. Long-term use can effectively reduce calculus deposits and make teeth whiter.

Benefit # 5: For people undergoing orthodontic correction (braces are difficult to clean and can easily hide tooth bacteria and food debris), during dental treatment, and for people who are not suitable for normal brushing, water flosser is simply a boon. For effective and gentle cleaning.


The above benefits of using water flosser are the reason why many dentists recommend using water dentistry. Many people may not know how poor the dental health of most people in our country is. In fact, as dentists, we often call attention to dental health and dental care, but many users don't take it seriously. The following is the national oral data captured by Lao Tan, you see how serious it is! water flosser can effectively improve teeth and oral diseases, long-term persistence can remove plaque and calculus on the teeth, and completely improve dental diseases.
4. Although the dentist recommends the use of pine, but pine has two hidden dangers, the dentist calls for vigilance!


While water flosser can compensate for the blind spots of toothbrushes and bring many teeth cleaning benefits, that doesn't mean it's perfect. It also comes with a certain amount of pitfalls. One is the wear of the teeth, which is easy to lead to toothache, tooth sensitivity and other problems, and every minute of high-intensity water flosser impact will bring a certain degree of wear. One is to stimulate the soft tissues such as gums, which can easily cause bleeding gums, gingivitis, and even gingivitis. While in the opinion of many authorities, this wear and tear is not harmful to teeth and gums, in my own observation of a large number of patients, this is not the case!

While dentists recommend the use of pine, I also found a list of negative reviews of pine in the oral community. It can be said that water flosser damaging teeth is a real problem. However, due to the low dental health rate and low tolerance of Chinese people, the probability of tooth injury due to improper purchase and use of pine is also greatly increased.


In fact, it is not difficult to find that the disadvantages of water flosser mainly come from the "user" itself, such as blind choice of products. Although many brands are in the name of protecting gums and teeth, comfort and tooth protection are poor! In addition, many well-known big brands have only started producing pine in the past two years. Most of them are OEM, the actual experience is not good! In addition, many consumers crave cheap, buy low-quality pine, unscientific and casual use and brushing, as well as their own dental health is the main cause of pine abuses.


While the dentist recommends the use of hydropine, be aware that many brands claim to protect teeth and gums, but in fact tooth protection is not high or even good!


5. How should we choose and use pine? Several dentists offered some more practical advice.


The first suggestion: look at your teeth before choosing, don't choose blindly. Many brands of water flosser have strong impact but not high comfort, and many big brands are produced by foundries. In addition, each pine has a specific user group, and it is definitely not suitable for everyone.

Second recommendation: Try to choose and use gentle water flosser, and gradually increase. Many people prefer products that are particularly clean. water flosser can wear down your teeth for a long time, so pay special attention!


The third suggestion: try to choose a large, gear mode of the pine, because it is more suitable for the crowd.


Fourth tip: Try to choose brands that you can try. In fact, many professional brands are difficult to see from the parameters, but they do a lot of internal work in vibration frequency regulation, power optimization, technology and process improvement. Two parameters of the same water flosser oral experience, this professional adjustment of the user experience will be much better, so try as much as possible, many people bought inappropriate, they can not return, so they can only endure the pain of use, so do not buy no return of water teeth loose.
Sixth, I made a summary of the above situation


Number one: More than 80% of dentists recommend using water flosser.

Second: many dentists also tell you that not everyone can use pine.

Third: do not blindly buy water flosser, improper use will cause tooth damage.

Fourth: The dental health of our people is not good, and the tolerance of teeth is also poor. Many people blindly pursue cleaning power, so many dentists do not actively recommend the use of pine.

Fifth: The dental health rate and tolerance in the country are poor, so the possibility of gum damage is high.

Does the dentist recommend a washout? And summarize the advantages and disadvantages of water flosser! It has to be said that there are misunderstandings, there is the conceptual rejection of some dentists, and there is the disdain for the various water flosser peddled on the Internet. But fundamentally speaking, dentists do not have much opinion or rejection of the pine product itself. Of course, many dentists also emphasize that pine has many benefits and advantages, but we must also pay attention to the hazards and harms of pine. Some brand manufacturers should not blindly pursue sales and forget too much about pine. It has the disadvantage of damaging teeth, so everyone must choose scientifically and strictly.


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