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Does the oral cavity condition of countrymen suit to use electric toothbrush?

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Does the oral cavity condition of countrymen suit to use electric toothbrush? The Chinese food system is the most complex in the world, unlike the simple food system in European and American countries, where every day is just some sandwich steak. And China's different regions have different food systems, each diet system diversity, plus 8090 s work pressure, caused the oral health problems and symptoms of adult americans more diversified, so need more clean than ordinary toothbrush strong products to avoid dental plaque breeding should choose does not hurt at the same time products to protect teeth gums.

When buying an electric toothbrush, don't just look at it or look at the big V AD campaign, because that only shows that they are well designed and cost enough money. Skills need to see each of choose and buy an electric toothbrush on various aspects of the parameters as well as the clean and comfort performance of the core, and then compare, for example to see what material is the electric toothbrush bristles, see how many brush grinding rate is as high as, see electric toothbrush every minute of the vibration frequency is how much, can brush a head design in-depth oral and so on, These parameters will tell you whether the bristles are soft, whether the bristles are sharp at the top, whether the shock is strong or not, and whether the brush is clean.

The world's first electric toothbrush, invented by Philippe-Guy Woog and made by Broxo SA in Switzerland in 1954, was not mass-produced at first. It was sold to the public in the United States four years later, in 1959. However, after 60 years of scientific and technological development, the technology of electric toothbrush has been very mature, social acceptance is high, the price also varies from dozens of yuan to thousands of yuan.

Electric toothbrush was originally designed for people who have difficulty in moving their hands, but gradually people found that the cleaning ability of electric toothbrush is really too strong! How convenient!

But most people don't have that patience. They just do a little tinkering, let alone removing plaque, coloring, and sometimes even food debris. At this time the advantages of electric toothbrush is very obvious! Most electric toothbrushes will set the brushing time of 2 minutes, and every 30 seconds to remind the direction of change, light and not tired hands, no manual timing, and the vibration frequency and intensity of electric toothbrushes is much higher than the traditional manual, can effectively remove food residue, reduce dental plaque, pigment production, prevention of dental caries.

Are electric toothbrushes for everyone? There are three types of people who should not use, or use, electric toothbrushes with caution:

(1) people who have periodontal disease or have recently had periodontal repair;

(2) Children under 3 years old, children's teeth are more fragile than adults, and it is difficult to learn to use correctly, if you must use, try to choose soft bristles, low frequency, integrated design of electric toothbrush, and use under the supervision of adults;

(3) Old people, old people's teeth are more likely to produce gingival atrophy, sensitive problems, is not suitable.

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