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Does using an electric toothbrush every day harm your gums?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin: Site

As I've said many times before, it's not necessary to use an electric toothbrush, but if you're neglecting to brush your teeth every day, I really recommend using an electric toothbrush. It's a lot easier.

As an old user who has used electric toothbrush for 3 years, today I will do a rectification for electric toothbrush!First of all, using an electric toothbrush correctly won't cause gum problems such as widening teeth gaps and bleeding gums.After consulting the dentist's friend, he told me that the gap between the teeth is usually caused by gum atrophy, which is a symptom of periodontal disease and has nothing to do with electric toothbrush.Gingival bleeding may be due to excessive force, too hard bristles, and whether the toothbrush is electric or not, but also may be related to periodontitis, dental stones and other gum problems, both of which are recommended to go to the dentist.And most of my dental friends use electric toothbrushes.At present, the coverage rate of electric toothbrush in China is only 5%, that is, less than 5 out of 100 people are using electric toothbrush. But many people do not know about electric toothbrush. The vibration speed of electric toothbrush is so fast, and they are afraid that it will damage the gums!Damage to the gums is caused by the wrong method, not by the electric toothbrush itself.

Used electric toothbrush after brushing my teeth, can a small amount of floss, however, some people's teeth are small, so the electric toothbrush, he would not necessarily be brush, and to see the brand, some electric toothbrush, even very small teeth, but he still can brush the teeth until things, of course, this is for electric toothbrushes, function and performance,Usually you don't need to floss, because floss is to clean the dirt in your teeth, and there's no dirt in your teeth, so why do you floss?And you can't floss every day, because flossing every day will widen the gap between your teeth, so it's not recommended.

Old teeth are basically a little trouble, do a good job of cleaning can, also want to be told to gargle after meals.It is recommended to use electric toothbrush, domestic better, I have a period of time to use his electric toothbrush, it is light, the bristles are soft, the vibration is soft, the brush is also very clean, a lot of people think that the shock amplitude of the brush is clean, in fact, it is not.And if you choose an electric toothbrush for your parents, make sure it's soft!

The ultrasonic electric toothbrush is a rapid rotation of the brush head, which instantly divides the toothpaste into fine foam and deeply cleans the gap between the teeth. At the same time, the trembling of the brush bristles can promote the blood circulation of the mouth, so as to achieve the function of massage the gingival tissue and effectively reduce the symptoms such as gingival bleeding.

It's not that you can't brush horizontally, but you need to pay attention to the amplitude (short distance) and force, and an electric toothbrush (I mean the sonic vibrational electric toothbrush) can effectively solve this problem.Therefore, electric toothbrush must be more scientific than manual health.

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