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Electric toothbrush are better than manual ones in removing dental plaque

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As a personal rule of thumb, it's best not to use an electric toothbrush with whitening toothpaste, unless you want to grind your teeth into stones.Once in a while, electric toothbrush can not be used for a long time, Fingers hold.Can not be held in the palm, easy to overexert, brush uncomfortable.The electric toothbrush has a charging hole in the bottom. Insert your little finger into the hole and hold the handle between your thumb and index and middle and ring fingers.This grip is more stable, save effort, brush up comfortable.The disadvantage is that another hand is needed to help press the electric toothbrush switch and adjust the direction of the brush head.3. Pap brushing method, specific Baidu.Follow the toothbrush on each side.Thickly coated people brush their tongues as they brush with an electric toothbrush.If you want it to be very clean, do it again and again.I was in front of the mirror, with electric toothbrush brush one by one.

you should know this little science knowledge: electric toothbrushes are mainly divided into two kinds, one is a rotary electric toothbrush, and the other is a vibrating (acoustic) electric toothbrush.Let's remember: theoretically speaking, the rotary electric toothbrush is cleaner for the tooth surface, but the wear on the tooth surface is also larger;Vibrating electric toothbrush is through high frequency vibration, the toothpaste into a large number of tiny bubbles, bubbles burst when the pressure can go deep into the teeth to clean dirt.

For children's electric toothbrush, it is recommended to choose vibration type (that is, acoustic vibration type) electric toothbrush, it is not recommended to choose rotary electric toothbrush, mainly because the rotary electric toothbrush is larger on the tooth surface wear, and the sound is larger, and some children are also afraid.(This is a deep experience, the first electric toothbrush bought for a child is rotary, the result of the use of the vibration feeling is strong, she said that the teeth sour, tooth pain, may also be related to her bad teeth, so the electric toothbrush has been used as an ordinary toothbrush).

Electric toothbrushes work.Some time ago too much tartar, brush the hand acid still feel not clean, so buy an electric toothbrush, save some energy.Buy a brand of basic electric toothbrush, originally bought the national version of the standard type, brush head is too hard vibration is too strong, feel the teeth will be worn by electric toothbrush.Later, I switched to the Australian version of the direct mail sensitive suit, which cost me almost one more brush head.Beginners or into the sensitive, or fine hair type, the standard electric toothbrush is too violent.After a bloody, tearful two-month adaptation period, the electric toothbrush is not an IQ tax.Brush is really very clean.My habit is to brush it every night when I take a shower.Sometimes it's still clean the next night and doesn't really need to be brushed.However, the right way to open it is important, electric toothbrushes don't hurt teeth any more than manual ones.People's Daily also asked experts to find volunteers to do experiments on the effects of electric toothbrushes and manual plaque removal.

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