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Electric toothbrush battery life and charging way

Views: 27     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-31      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush battery life and charging way, draw the key, electric toothbrush battery determines whether the power is sufficient, determines the length of electric toothbrush life, so the battery is a hard cost!The longer the battery life of the general electric toothbrush, the greater the electric capacity, the higher the cost.Another is the way of charging, now many people like wireless induction charging electric toothbrush, but careful study you will find that the so-called wireless induction charging electric toothbrush actually has a line connecting the charging base and the power supply, is not the true sense of wireless charging!And the induction charge charging time is longer.There is also a wired USB charging, such a charging method has an advantage is fast charging, more convenient is USB direct charging without line, directly plug in the USB interface can be charged.

There will be a difference in the cost between USB charging and induction charging of electric toothbrush, which is about 5-15% depending on the product shipment volume.

Highlight: How do you choose your electric toothbrush? The principle is manufacturer first Brand later. Many people buy electric toothbrush idea is actually wrong, now many brand advertising is done well, a lot of people only recognize the brand but not the manufacturer.

I bought an electric toothbrush of a foreign brand before, which had a very good experience. However, after one year, the electric toothbrush broke and could not be used any more.Maybe it has to do with my job as a product manager.In recent years, I prefer electric toothbrushes made by domestic manufacturers. I used some electric toothbrushes made by a certain manufacturer. It felt very good at first, but later I found that the battery life was too short, the battery was not enough, and the brush was not clean.As a heavy user of electric toothbrushes, I have bought several electric toothbrushes for comparison over the past ten years. Finally, this electric toothbrush from the same manufacturer, whose name I have never heard before, has left a deep memory for me.(It was mainly bought at the end of 17 and is still in use).

How to choose a suitable frequency electric toothbrush, how to test this?Students who use the electric toothbrush for the first time can start from the electric toothbrush with a vibration frequency of more than 20,000, and then go to the teeth cleaning half a year later. They can ask the dentist to check the periodontal conditions, such as gums and whether the dental stones have been improved.If the patient is gingival sensitive or has periodontitis, the recommendation is to use mouthwash + electric toothbrush.

Even with the big-name electric toothbrush, my gums still bleed when I put the electric toothbrush on sensitive mode while brushing.Later, I checked that the gums were bleeding because the gums were red and swollen due to external force.I've tried a lot of things, but finally I recommend that you use mouthwash after every use of an electric toothbrush. The bleeding gums will be significantly improved.

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