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Electric toothbrush brushing effect is really better than manual toothbrush brushing effect

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Electric toothbrush brushing effect is really better than manual toothbrush brushing effect, cleanliness is high, you can clearly see the teeth clean.And CCTV also did a test of the effect of electric toothbrush brushing, indicating that electric toothbrush is indeed stronger than manual toothbrush cleaning ability, the effect is good.Many dentists also recommend the use of electric toothbrush, practice has proved that electric toothbrush is not an IQ tax, is really effective, worthy of recommendation.There are three kinds of motion modes of the electric toothbrush brush head: one is the reciprocating linear motion of the brush head, the other is the rotary motion, and there is a set of electric toothbrush with two kinds of brush head.The bristles of the toothbrush head are made of soft plastic fiber, and the hair ends are all processed into balls, which will not damage the teeth and gums, and will not affect the brushing effect.It can not only brush every tooth clean, but also massage the gums.There is a strong and weak mode switch on the electric toothbrush handle, and you can choose the speed of the toothbrush head according to your personal needs.Compared to manual brushing, the advantages of electric toothbrush brushing are: 1, when you start to use electric toothbrush, teeth may not be too adapted to the vibration of electric toothbrush, but after a day or two of adaptation, you will find that electric toothbrush brushing is more comfortable.2. Electric toothbrush has high vibration frequency and fast vibration frequency, which is hundreds of times of the vibration frequency of manual brushing. It can better clean the stains in the teeth.3. The strength of the electric toothbrush is stable, and it will not bleed the gums like manual brushing, so as to reduce the bleeding of the gums and better protect the oral safety.4, some electric toothbrushes have timing function, effective cleaning effect will be better.

Disadvantages: Compared to manual toothbrush, the price of electric toothbrush is relatively high, to regularly replace the brush head.

Just to answer the question of electric toothbrush, the cleanliness of electric toothbrush still depends heavily on the way the user brushes his teeth;No reliable data have been seen to prove that electric toothbrushes are cleaner than regular ones.Taking into account the placebo effect and expectations of the product, electric toothbrushes give users a better sense of cleanliness, especially those who previously took their teeth less seriously;As some joke, electric toothbrushes may have more advantages than teeth.

Second, the movement and speed of electric toothbrush is not familiar, should it be the same as manual?Electric toothbrushes exert much more force than regular toothbrushes because they have mandatory rotation and vibration.So, brush your teeth with 60 percent less force than with a regular toothbrush to avoid damage to your teeth and gums.Many electric toothbrushes on the market today are equipped with pressure-sensitive reminders that stop the brush head from vibrating when the tooth is pressed hard.In addition, because the electric toothbrush itself has the function of vibration or rotation, so in the group of teeth brush is not as large as the normal toothbrush to move around.

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