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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954

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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954, this thing was invented long ago, there is no problem of poor information, and practice out of true knowledge, so many years electric toothbrush not only has not been eliminated by The Times, but also develop better and better. With the advances in modern technology and the attention given to oral problems, the trend towards replacing traditional toothbrushes with electric toothbrushes proves that they are not the iQ-tax product most people think they are.

There are two different types of electric toothbrushes, which correspond to two different vibration modes: one is a rotating sport electric toothbrush, and the other is a reciprocating sport electric toothbrush.

The rotating motor toothbrush has a round head. The round brush head can be placed on any part of the tooth (buccal tongue surface and occlusal surface). The round brush head can fully wrap around the tooth surface. The combined motion of rotation and expansion makes it stronger mechanical cleaning force and higher cleaning efficiency, and of course, the vibration sense is stronger when using.

The head of the reciprocating motor electric toothbrush is similar in shape to our regular manual toothbrush, with a slightly rectangular shape. The electric toothbrush mimes the Pasteurian brushing process by gently inserting the bristles into the crevicular area (the junction between the teeth and the gums) and using high-frequency vibrations to clean the crevicular more efficiently. This electric toothbrush has a softer cleaning force and is more friendly to people with delicate and sensitive gums that are prone to bleeding.

The rise of electric toothbrushes in recent years is partly due to a growing awareness of oral hygiene and partly because the technology is now more mature.

The original sonic toothbrush can only play the role of instead of manual, intelligent and now more popular, interior design also more human, more effective removal of dead Angle of dental plaque, brush a head vibration frequency, can clean the breadth and depth greatly expand, really is not what, sonic toothbrush and therefore has gradually become the necessities of young people, And spread it all over the country.

Can electric toothbrush brush tooth stone? Electric toothbrush can occasionally brush off a small part of dental stones, but it is not possible to systematically clean this is undoubtedly, it must be able to brush off some small pieces of dental stones, I have had, and not with electric toothbrush. Since the station began to write electric toothbrush, also received a friend of the message said brush down tooth stones, clean effect is good. However, it should be emphasized here that the ability to brush down the dental stones does not mean that all the dental stones can be removed completely and systematically. The role of electric toothbrush, that is, can occasionally remove some loose dental stones down, normally attached dental stones are generally very difficult to clean through brushing. In order to complete and systematically clean the dental stones in the mouth, you must still go to the dental cleaning. This point, electric toothbrush can not be replaced, and after cleaning the teeth, we also need to adhere to the cleaning and protection, otherwise the tooth stones are easy to come back.

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