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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954, this thing was invented long ago

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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954, this thing was invented long ago, there is no problem of poor information, and practice out of true knowledge, so many years electric toothbrush not only has not been eliminated by The Times, but also develop better and better. With the advances in modern technology and the attention paid to oral problems, the trend of electric toothbrushes replacing traditional ones proves that they are not the tax on intelligence that most people think they are. Let's get to the point.

The choice of electric toothbrush, there is a focus that is often ignored by everyone, is to see the workmanship of the bristles. The tips of the bristles should be rounded for effective cleaning without damaging the teeth.

In the production process of toothbrush bristles, the tip of the brush must be polished and rounded to prevent certain hardness of the bristles from causing puncture or abrasion to the gingival. The data of roundness is called the rate of bristles roundness.

The frequency of vibration of an electric toothbrush is an important indicator of its cleaning effect, but it does not mean that the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect, because this tends to damage the enamel.

The original electric toothbrush can only play the role of instead of manual, intelligent and now more popular, interior design also more human, more effective removal of dead Angle of dental plaque, brush a head vibration frequency, can clean the breadth and depth greatly expand, really is not what, electric toothbrush and therefore has gradually become the necessities of young people, and spread it all over the country.

Through the oral care report, found that not everyone is suitable for the use of electric toothbrush, the key depends on everyone's teeth, of course, most people's mouth is suitable, so I directly summarized some people who do not recommend the use of electric toothbrush out. As shown in the following figure, basically health, sub-health and non-health states can be used; However, it is not recommended to use above pathological condition.

What kind of person is not suited to an electric toothbrush? First, children under the age of 10 and the elderly, children under the age of 10 are losing teeth, the root of the teeth is weak, high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush will affect the later tooth development. The absorption of calcium in the teeth of the elderly appears serious obstacles, resulting in the atrophy and degeneration of the teeth. The strong strength of the electric toothbrush will make the teeth of the elderly fall out. Second severe periodontal disease and gum inflammation such as teeth, the tooth itself is very fragile and clinical manifestations of loose completely exposed, loathsome, at root, bite to severe symptoms, such as electric toothbrush high earthquake frequency will only be worse, this kind of crowd if really want to use an electric toothbrush, want to consult a dentist, according to the doctor's advice. Third, for users in the recovery period who are undergoing dental filling and root canal treatment within 2 months, the teeth of users during the recovery period will be extremely sensitive and may not be able to adapt to the vibration of electric toothbrush. It is suggested to match electric toothbrush for oral care after the recovery period.

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