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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954,this thing was invented long ago

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Electric toothbrush is a Swedish doctor in 1954, this thing was invented long ago, there is no problem of poor information, and practice out of true knowledge, so many years electric toothbrush not only has not been eliminated by The Times, but also develop better and better. With the advances in modern technology and the attention paid to oral problems, the trend of electric toothbrushes replacing traditional ones proves that they are not the tax on intelligence that most people think they are. Let's get to the point.

According to the Fourth China Oral Health Epidemiological Survey report released in 2017, symptoms such as swelling of the gums, bleeding after brushing, and blood stains after biting are common among adolescents. Domestic survey data show that the incidence of gingivitis among adolescents is as high as 70% to 90%. In addition, adult periodontitis is a common phenomenon, in some areas because of dietary habits and drinking water and other factors under the influence of even more than 90%.

Therefore, the main purpose of our brushing is to remove dental plaque and food debris in the mouth, keep the tooth surface clean, on this basis, the pursuit of white teeth, neat and not loose higher standards.

There is demand for it, and the rise of electric toothbrushes in recent years is partly due to a growing awareness of oral hygiene and partly because the technology is now more mature.

The original electric toothbrush can only play the role of instead of manual, intelligent and now more popular, interior design also more human, more effective removal of dead Angle of dental plaque, brush a head vibration frequency, can clean the breadth and depth greatly expand, really is not what, electric toothbrush and therefore has gradually become the necessities of young people, And spread it all over the country.

When we brush our teeth with the Bass method, we need to pay attention not only to the Angle, the force, but also to the continuous "small tremor". According to social research, less than 30 percent of people stick to Bass brushing for long periods of time, and many more say it's too difficult. The sonic toothbrush can automatically simulate the Bass brushing method, so we don't need to complete the "small tremor" and other difficult operations, so it is easier to use. Some electric toothbrushes also have pressure-sensitive tips that tell us to reduce stress and protect our teeth when it gets too stressful.

Because the bristles of an electric toothbrush are in direct contact with our mouth, the quality of the bristles is very important. Inferior bristles have split ends and burrs, which not only fail to clean, but also will stab our gums, make our gums feel painful, and may cause bleeding gums seriously. The top of the rounded brush is very smooth, not only will not stimulate our gums when brushing, the use of more comfortable, but also strong cleaning ability, can effectively clean our gum crevice, teeth residual food residue and dental plaque.

In fact, now electric toothbrush, only say less than 400 price, because it is not necessary to buy expensive electric toothbrush, after all, in the price of less than 400, there are a lot of electric toothbrush can meet the needs of daily brushing, in functional experience and other aspects of good, cost-effective is also very high.

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