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Electric toothbrush is used how should be placed?

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How to use electric toothbrush to place at ordinary times?Many people will have such a question, because the sale price of electric toothbrush is high, in order to prolong the life of electric toothbrush, so usually the maintenance of electric toothbrush is very important. Many people will always put the electric toothbrush in the bathroom. If the electric toothbrush is placed in a wet environment for a long time, it is easy to cause mildew and rust, especially at the apron.Such a long time down easy to corrode the base of the charging ring.

I believe that many friends have also encountered electric toothbrush mildew, black spots, this is due to the electric toothbrush body silicone and other materials, in a wet environment for a long time, the appearance of rubber plastic aging, mildew, black spots.Electric toothbrush although waterproof performance is good, but has been in a wet environment will not only have mildew spots on the appearance, the use of electric toothbrush performance, appearance and quality will cause a bad impact.The bottom of the electric toothbrush is the charging port, if placed in a cup with water for a long time, it is likely to affect the charging speed, resulting in very slow charging.In particular, some poor quality electric toothbrushes may also cause water, internal circuit failure or even scrap.How to use electric toothbrush to place at ordinary times?Electric toothbrush how to place, put where more appropriate?In order to avoid the above effects, it is recommended that after using the electric toothbrush, it should be cleaned with paper towels or cloth, and kept dry and placed in an ventilated place.This will not only prevent mildew spots and other effects, but also protect the battery of the electric toothbrush.

It's also a good idea to store your electric toothbrush in a storage box.Some electric toothbrush brands, such as a brand of electric toothbrush, will be equipped with a storage box, convenient storage and display, but also play the role of moisture isolation.

How to use electric toothbrush to place at ordinary times?Storage box is a good choice electric toothbrush how to place?Place it in a dry and ventilated place as far as possible, or put it in a storage box after wiping off moisture.It is very important to choose the right place to store and place. It can avoid mildew and bad performance. A certain brand of electric toothbrush can protect your oral health.

The price of electric toothbrush is not cheap. Many people do not know how to maintain the electric toothbrush because they buy it. As a result, the electric toothbrush soon breaks down.According to the general electric toothbrush brand manufacturer guarantee, an electric toothbrush handle with two years is no problem.For example, big electric toothbrush promise "two years of national protection", another electric toothbrush promise "if there are quality problems, the first year of return, the second year of repair".

The use of electric toothbrush can improve tooth sensitivity, tooth sensitivity this I have deep feelings, before I want to eat an ice cream would hesitate for a long time, people with tooth sensitivity have experienced ah, it is sour, cool and painful, it is really!I think it may be the reason why I use the electric toothbrush, is once eating suddenly found that their teeth did not feel any?Make me happy!Food is free at last.

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