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Electric toothbrush must be the higher the vibration, the better?

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I'm going to start with some dentist advice on brushing your teeth. If you know it, you can skip the selection criteria for an electric toothbrush.


Developing good brushing habits is more important than buying an electric toothbrush.


1. Brush your teeth by using sonic toothbrush every morning and evening, and brush your teeth carefully for 3 minutes (2 minutes with an electric toothbrush) using the Pap brushing method advocated by dentists.

2. Pay attention to cleaning the gingival groove (the junction between teeth and gums).

3. If conditions permit, rinse your mouth after lunch and brush your teeth by using sonic toothbrush half an hour after eating.

4. Don't touch the toothpaste with water.

5. Don't eat before bed.

6. Brushing can be matched with dental floss or dental floss (water floss), which can be cleaned in a better position. Buying a portable one can be taken with you when traveling.

7. Wash your teeth every six months to a year.

8. Go to the hospital for oral examination every year.



There are a few rules to follow when choosing an electric toothbrush:


1, if the manual toothbrush can be carefully cleaned according to the pasteurized brushing method, you can not buy an electric toothbrush.

2. If you are really lazy and handicapped, buy an electric toothbrush. Oral cleaning is really too important for your wife.

3. Buy electric toothbrush, to look at the cost performance.

4, to compare electric toothbrush two important components: motor and bristles.


Let's start with the bristles

At present, the electric toothbrush bristles on the market are mainly nylon bristles, PBT bristles, and PPbristles and PET composite bristles used for disposable toothbrushes. I will not talk about them here. At present, most brands of electric toothbrushes on the market use DuPont bristles.


Now let's look at the motor

Many people think that the higher the vibration frequency of the motor, the better, which is wrong. Because the design of the motor needs to consider the vibration frequency and torque, vibration frequency is just the speed of the brush head vibration, fast speed does not mean strong power. Shock frequency needs to match the large torque force, torque force determines the load resistance of the motor. If there is no large torque force, when the toothbrush with high vibration frequency is pressed to the teeth, there is not enough power, weak vibration, so that the electric toothbrush will not have a good cleaning effect, so do not blindly superstitious vibration frequency, to see if there is a strong torque configuration.

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