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Electric toothbrush of choice

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Learn to brush your teeth properly. I think you should learn to brush your teeth properly first, and then use an electric toothbrush.Otherwise, using the wrong brush method, combined with an electric toothbrush, will only accelerate the damage of your teeth.

1. Vibration frequency At present, the electric toothbrush on the market can only be considered as "acoustic wave" electric toothbrush at most, and the vibration frequency is about 20,000-40,000 times/minute.Some insiders believe that "most electric toothbrush on the market are generally around 31000 times/min, which is also the best frequency of resonance and swing. Blindly increasing the frequency of electric toothbrush to 40,000-50,000 times/min will not only reduce the swing of brush bristles, but also cause certain damage to teeth and gums."2, cleaning mode some businesses in order to improve the grade of electric toothbrush products, make a dozen cleaning mode out, dazzling, in fact, it is not necessary, we usually use only that one or two, such as daily cleaning;The gentle mode that you need to take care of your gums, or the sensitive mode, that's pretty much what it means.It's not necessary to whiten and polish your teeth with an electric toothbrush. It's better to go to the dentist's office to whiten and polish your teeth, and don't fall for the myth that an electric toothbrush alone will whiten your teeth.3. The degree of softness and hardness of the bristles of the brush head can be adapted to the types of the brush head. At this point, the brush head of the electric toothbrush is the most complete.In addition, there is a thoughtful place, brush head with different colors of small rings, so that you can distinguish the brush head of everyone in the family, you can share an electric toothbrush.It's best to know before you buy what heads will go with the toothbrush you're buying.4. Charging method and battery life If you have been using it at home, the battery life does not need to be considered too much.But if you're a frequent traveler, a longer flight will lighten the weight of the salute.From the publicity data of various brands in the market, the battery life is the shortest, 7-14 days; it can last up to 55 days;There are also some so-called charging products for half a year, do not know whether the actual operation can be achieved.5, noise size about this point to expand to say, I read a lot of product purchase comments, many people think that the noise of electric toothbrush is too loud to stand, so some businesses take this point to make an issue, advertise their products mute.What I'm trying to say is, there are always two sides to everything.Noise has a certain relationship with the power of the toothbrush. We cannot ignore the power of the electric toothbrush while pursuing silence.

Red is more than right!Since electric toothbrush have gone viral, there has been a lot of discussion online, with some calling them "lazy people's tools" and others calling them "chicken rib products".In fact, it is still "your honey, his arsenic". If you insist on cutting "artifact or chicken ribs", I think it is too rude.

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