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Electric toothbrush products are mostly rechargeable for the following reasons

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-21      Origin: Site

1. Market mainstream decision: any interface can be solved, is recognized by the market, if there is no inevitable spray; 2. Supply chain decision: Most of the supply chain of electric toothbrushes in the world are located in Suzhou, and the supply chain is so complete that you can assemble products with an outline drawing. Without core technology and directly assembled and sold for cash, don't brands have to choose a small number of dry batteries in opposition to the market and supply chain? 3. Product performance: Dry battery electric toothbrushes cannot support the high power operation of the motor for a long time (38,000 RPM is the best), unless there is a large number of dry batteries at home (if you use rechargeable batteries, it is better to directly buy rechargeable batteries, some brands of rechargeable electric toothbrush lithium battery capacity) 4. Product design: Integrated design of charging model, no shaking, uneven distribution of handle weight. Safe to use for children's pain: The direct detachable design of children's electric toothbrush with rechargeable design only has the brush head part, without other components, which will not cause safety risks for children. 6. Product life cycle: the service life of an electric toothbrush is only 2 to 3 years. Because of long-term damp environment, the service life and use experience of motor and metal parts will decrease. Of course, 2~3 years should also give yourself a new toothbrush, after all, people will be aesthetic fatigue. Electric toothbrushes that run on dry batteries are generally cheaper and cost about the same to produce, but often cost more than 50% less than rechargeable toothbrushes. The overall impression of electric toothbrush is that it is cheap and does not have high premium ability. What can the brand do without premium ability? Absolutely not.

How can I put it? I'm not exactly new to electric toothbrushes. After all, I've used them once before, albeit in a rotary way and for a short time. But after using sonic electric toothbrush recently, it is really a lot of emotion ah. Let's start with the rotating electric toothbrush I used before. Why would I say cute? Because I didn't think I used an electric toothbrush. Of course, it's not because the electric toothbrush doesn't work well, there are two reasons, one is that the brush head is really expensive, I remember buying the brush head cost me hundreds of yuan, the second reason is that I was really lazy, the battery life was not long enough, soon the battery ran out, and THEN I didn't charge it, So it really became a hot joke some time ago, "the final fate of electric toothbrush is to use as a manual toothbrush", really, too lazy to charge, so it is really used as a manual toothbrush. It wasn't long before I switched back to a manual toothbrush, but the rotating electric toothbrush was too small to use without charging, ok?

This is the second time I have used an electric toothbrush, and the first time I have used an acoustic electric toothbrush. The most obvious difference is the brush head, which is round and acoustic is similar to manual.

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