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Electric toothbrushes also have several visible advantages

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Electric toothbrushes also have several visible advantages: 1. Easy to control brushing force and reduce the incidence of gingivitis and bleeding gums.2, there is time to remind, can help to ensure the cleaning time, to ensure that the dentist recommended brushing time is not less than 2 minutes;3. Cleaning is more efficient, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush brushing is hundreds or thousands of times that of manual brushing;

Electric toothbrush recommendation, there is a brand of electric toothbrush his family electric toothbrush I bought two.Less than 300 price, you can buy a good electric toothbrush, his family often do activities, you can stare at.After-sales service is very in place, no matter what the brushing problems, or questions about the product will be patiently answered.High level of appearance, both sexes can use.The fuselage of metallic texture is unique, which is not only delicate and comfortable in the hand, but also can avoid the mildewy and yellow brush handle.The bristles are moderately hard and soft. When using an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, the bristles will vibrate and rotate 360° at the same time. It is a black technology!The cleaning effect is good, gentle and efficient, brushing is very comfortable, change the area without worrying about knotting teeth.Unique black technology is online again!5 cleaning modes, induction charging, IPX7 level waterproof.

If electric toothbrushes were ranked in terms of appearance, I'd give this one the top spot.

Known as the business flagship model, it is really used to give people very stunning, high class.The packaging is simple, light and luxurious, and the electric toothbrush gives people the advanced texture at a glance. The cool time and exquisite and advanced metal sense reveal elegance.Before and mother on the adult to clean teeth, the doctor let her use electric toothbrush, she is not willing to, after I say something for a while, she finally agreed to use, so she bought this appearance level and practical with .My mother liked it very much. When brushing her teeth, she sighed that the current technology was really developed, and the electric toothbrush was so delicate and convenient to clean.There are 5 cleaning modes, inductive charging, IPX7 waterproof.The bristles are soft and hard, and the mother feels comfortable with them.

Again, an electric toothbrush is not an IQ tax!

Brush teeth in the final analysis, brush is it, can brush off dental plaque brushing teeth, is really effective brushing!

What's so good about electric toothbrushes that ordinary toothbrushes can't brush off?Of course not, the bus brushing method is international standard, if you can seriously brush 3 minutes each time, with floss cleaning, completely OK.From the brushing effect, if you can carefully brush your teeth with an ordinary toothbrush, and master the correct brushing method, then it is more recommended to use an ordinary toothbrush.But in fact, an electric toothbrush has more cleaning power than a regular toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush should be used to brush clean where an ordinary toothbrush can.An electric toothbrush can go where a regular toothbrush can't.

The difference lies in that ordinary toothbrush is difficult to be perfectly controlled due to manual operation of force and direction, and it is easy to damage the surface of the mouth.

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