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Electric toothbrushes are better than traditional toothbrushes.

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-21      Origin: Site

Liu recently received an electric toothbrush as a gift from a friend abroad. When he used it at home, he found his gums were bleeding.Then I used it a few times, and every time I brushed my teeth, it would bleed.Mr. Liu and a net friend exchange, found that many people and he is as easy to bleed, some people reflect the electric toothbrush on the tooth vibration is very strong, and the brush head is thick, not easy to brush into the inside.So, in the maintenance of oral hygiene, electric toothbrush compared to the traditional toothbrush, which advantage?Who is not suitable for using an electric toothbrush?Cleaning rate, electric toothbrush is higher than traditional toothbrush when using traditional toothbrush, if you want to clean the teeth completely, generally not less than 3 minutes, but, few people can brush enough time.Compared with the low speed and low efficiency of the traditional toothbrush, the electric toothbrush has higher brushing efficiency and cleaning efficiency.Electric toothbrushes vibrate thousands to tens of thousands of times per minute, making them more efficient, reaching every surface of the teeth and better at removing plaque.The electric toothbrush makes the brush head vibrate at high frequency through rapid rotation, which instantly decomposes the toothpaste into fine foam and cleaves the teeth deeply with a higher cleaning rate.In terms of cleanliness and convenience, an electric toothbrush is suitable for most people.Especially some bedridden elderly, no self-care ability, with electric toothbrush is more convenient.

With the upgrading of consumption and the improvement of people's oral health awareness, the market of electric toothbrush is expanding at a rapid rate that cannot be underestimated. More and more people are willing to choose and try electric toothbrush.A data shows that in this year's "618" e-commerce midyear promotion, electric toothbrushes played a dark horse role. Only on Tmall platform, "618" sold 14,051 pieces in the first minute of the opening, and the sales volume broke 400,000 pieces in 16 hours.At present, with the domestic electric toothbrush market competition increasingly intensified, a "tooth" battle is opening.Why are electric toothbrushes so popular?Xiao Chen, who works for an Internet company in Hangzhou, took advantage of sales promotions during the National Shopping Festival to buy three electric toothbrushes, one for himself and two for his parents."Electric toothbrushes have been very popular in the past two years, and colleagues and friends around me are using them."Chen said, usually brush your teeth for a long time, the hand will be sour, will brush not clean, electric toothbrush does not exist this problem.Unconsciously, electric toothbrush has become a new hot commodity.According to relevant statistics, from January to April 2019, the number of consumers who bought electric toothbrushes on an online shopping platform increased by 175% compared with the same period in 2018.In a flagship store of electric toothbrush, an acoustic rechargeable electric toothbrush with four brush heads became a hot style product with a price of only 69 yuan after a superposition discount, and the sales volume quickly exceeded 15,000 pieces within two days.

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