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Electric toothbrushes are significantly better at cleaning teeth than manual toothbrushes

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-09      Origin: Site

At the same time, in the hospital to take care of some seriously ill patients, the use of electric toothbrush for oral care, also achieved good results. Some people worry that electric toothbrushes will damage their teeth. Take a look at the case study above, electric toothbrushes are used in oral care for critically ill patients. What do we normal healthy people worry about?

Let's start with the brush head. It was also the experience of seeing a doctor this time that the dental director of the third class A hospital recommended electric toothbrush to me, which opened my understanding of electric toothbrush and dental health. The dentist only advised me to use an electric toothbrush. He didn't recommend a brand or anything. He did his own research.

Some of the public's fears and misconceptions. There are two main concerns: gum damage and tooth damage. In this article, my attending physician explained to me that improper brushing may lead to gum and tooth damage, no matter manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush. Of course, if you use manual toothbrush for abnormal brushing, the damage will be less, after all, electric toothbrush is so frequent. The most teased by netizens is the occurrence of tooth crack when electric toothbrush brushes teeth, which can only be said that there is a greater probability that teeth have been damaged before using electric toothbrush, so that they can not withstand the stimulation of electric toothbrush. After the use of electric toothbrush, there is a crack, the chronological order seems to be the use of electric toothbrush to crack teeth, but in fact, the basic damage has already started, but they did not pay attention to it or have not been shown externally. Because of the hardness of tooth enamel, electric toothbrushes are unlikely to damage healthy teeth. Therefore, it also reminds us that although electric toothbrush is good, it is really not possible to use it hastily without fully understanding the health status of your teeth and the products of electric toothbrush. Different electric toothbrush brands, different models of the same brand, and different brush head models are exquisite. It is necessary to choose the toothbrush signal + brush head model suitable for the health status of your teeth, so as to get twice the result with half the effort, otherwise it is very likely to backfire.

Why choose electric toothbrush. To know, manual toothbrush hand, hand frequency can have how many, boys understand, 5 seconds are fast, converted down to 5Hz, authentic low frequency, it can only brush off a little tooth seam inside the vegetable leaves, pork silk son. It's impossible to brush off attachments, pigments, and electric toothbrush bits of debris deep between teeth. The damage to our teeth is always attached to the tight pigment, smoke stagnation, coffee stagnation, for a while will not brush off will be deposited, over a long time to form dental plaque, and then dental calculus. Therefore, for those who like drinking soft drinks, coffee, smoking and eating sweets, an electric toothbrush is almost a must if you want to keep your teeth in good condition. The advantage of electric toothbrush, remember, is the high frequency of the motor, now the mainstream electric toothbrush frequency on the market can do more than 500Hz, that is, more than 500 times a second, ask you refuse to accept.

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