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Electric toothbrushes clean more efficiently and remove plaque more thoroughly

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Electric toothbrushes clean more efficiently and remove plaque more thoroughly.The principle of the electric toothbrush is to drive the brush head to rotate through the rapid rotation of the motor movement to achieve the role of deep cleaning of the mouth.Ordinary toothbrushes brush their teeth manually all the time. The frequency of brushing is about 200 times/minute, which means that the vibration frequency of electric toothbrushes must be much higher than that of manual brushing with ordinary toothbrushes.As a result, electric toothbrushes clean more efficiently and remove more plaque per unit of time!Thus as far as possible to prevent the formation of "dental calculus".Now there are two common types of electric toothbrush, that is, acoustic electric toothbrush and 3D acoustic electric toothbrush (that is, we often say that the rotary electric toothbrush).Sonic electric toothbrush is a form of brush a head to single frequency vibration for teeth cleaning electric toothbrush, through clean the tooth brush head reciprocating swing, and drive water to clean the teeth teeth 3 d sound wave type electric toothbrush is bigger than pure acoustic vibration strength, the reciprocating brush a head to do circular motion at the same time, also for vertical vibration;The acoustic electric toothbrush is mostly flat, while the 3D acoustic electric toothbrush is round (the brush head is smaller). The small brush head can theoretically clean the tooth surface more thoroughly, while the 3D cutting acoustic electric toothbrush will be more consistent with the tooth radian and easy to clean deep into the tooth gap.

The electric toothbrush was originally designed for the disabled with inconvenient movement of hands and feet. With the development and popularity of the electric toothbrush, the electric toothbrush has gradually become a "lazy toothbrush".Because many electric toothbrushes are designed to make brushing easier and easier.Using an electric toothbrush will make it easier to brush your teeth. If you use an electric toothbrush, you can place the head of the brush on your teeth. While moving the toothbrush slowly, you can make a brush movement along the teeth to clean the dirty things on the teeth.

When we use an electric toothbrush, no matter what kind of electric toothbrush, we must pay attention to the choice of the brush head.My stomatology friends give advice: choose a small head, fine bristles, preferably a combination of bristles, brush handle length is appropriate electric toothbrush.And it should be used with dental floss to better clean the mouth.Thin bristles are more effective at penetrating teeth and removing food particles from between teeth, while combined bristles (hard in the middle and soft on the outside) are more effective at removing stains.Moderate length brush handle can be deep into the mouth, flexible work.

Electric toothbrush will not harm the gums. It is the improper choice of electric toothbrush and the incorrect brushing method that will harm the gums.Read a lot of answers, only one emotion: when it comes to medical knowledge, or to follow the doctor's advice,Different brands of electric toothbrushes have different technical routes, which determines the different taste.Even if it is the same brand, different models due to different positioning, taste will be very different.

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