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Electric toothbrushes have become all the rage in recent years

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It's a big mistake to think that if you just put them in your mouth, you'll have clean, white teeth. There are so many hot brands in the world of electric toothbrushes that you can't even read a hundred pages of them, and every brand says it's awesome. In fact, electric toothbrush in the end which brand is not a strong boast on the line, these technical points have to deserve the "good brand" three words.

At present, many people are also using electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush sold on the market are mainly divided into rotary and acoustic toothbrushes, but it is difficult to choose the acoustic or rotary electric toothbrush. The rotating type cleans teeth by rotating the round brush head at a high speed. Acoustic wave works by vibrating at a high frequency, which is similar to the frequency of sound wave. It is called acoustic electric toothbrush. From a comfortable point of view, the rotary electric toothbrush has a relatively large vibration when brushing, while the acoustic electric toothbrush works in a more gentle way and has less bleeding gums than the rotary electric toothbrush. According to the experience, the rotary electric toothbrush is better than the acoustic electric toothbrush, but it has a lot of wear on the teeth. Therefore, the acoustic electric toothbrush is recommended as the first choice. In addition, the rotary electric toothbrush makes a lot of noise while the acoustic electric toothbrush is relatively quiet, so the acoustic electric tooth is more comfortable than the rotary electric tooth. Sonic electric toothbrush does high frequency vibration when brushing teeth, and at the same time will drive water to clean, the principle is relatively complex. However, when the rotary electric toothbrush brushes its teeth, it usually does mechanical rotation, which is friction on the surface of the teeth. The principle is relatively simple. So in terms of price, the rotary electric toothbrush will be less expensive than the acoustic electric toothbrush.

With the development of science and technology, people's life is more and more convenient, more and more high-tech products appear, silently changing our living environment and our way of life.  In recent years, the rise of electric toothbrush is one of the technologies that change our traditional way of life. I believe that many friends have bought and used electric toothbrush, and have a certain understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush. I will not repeat it here.  Today I mainly want to explain to you is a lot of parents of friends usually ignore some questions or usually do not pay attention to some questions: can children use electric toothbrush?  Is there any difference between an electric toothbrush for children and one for adults?  Are children's electric toothbrush selected in the same way as adults'?  How do you choose if it's not the same?  Next, I will use this article to explain to you one by one.  

The working principle of the rotary electric toothbrush is to rely on the traditional shaft to drive the brush head to rotate around, and the friction generated to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth. When the rotary electric toothbrush works, the brush head will rotate left and right, making a pendulum movement. Some people prefer rotating electric toothbrush because they think they have a mechanical feel. Most people don't like rotary electric toothbrush. Personally, when you brush your teeth with rotary electric toothbrush, your gums will bleed easily.

Conclusion: Carefully select the working principle of electric toothbrush, we need to choose carefully according to their own teeth, teeth and strong cleaning power users can choose rotary, teeth slightly fragile or novice users, it is recommended to choose sonic electric toothbrush.

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