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Electric toothbrushes

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Electric toothbrushes, as the name suggests, are toothbrushes that are electrically driven to create friction or vibration to clean the surface of the teeth. There are three types:

The first is the rotary type. The working principle of the rotary type is very simple. It relies on the transmission shaft to drive the brush head to do the left and right rotation movement, and uses this physical friction to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth. The rotary cleaning force is very strong for the tooth surface, but it is not enough to clean the teeth and the gums. At the same time, there will be too much noise. Many students report that the sound is just like the electric drill.

The ultrasonic vibration type electric toothbrush internal device a drive motor, can make the brush head to produce more than 30,000 times /min of high frequency vertical movement, but the vibration amplitude is very small, only about 5 mm. At the same time, this high-frequency vibration can break down the toothpaste and water mixture into many tiny bubbles, with the impact pressure can easily penetrate the teeth, gum crease and other difficult to brush to remove dirt.

Finally, 3D sound wave vibration, in fact, the so-called 3D sound wave vibration, but also a combination of rotary + sound wave vibration, this working principle of electric toothbrush cleaning force is also the strongest.

Electric toothbrush bristles are best made by Japan toray PBT or DuPont. The former is softer and more delicate, suitable for periodontal sensitive people, and it is not easy to bleeding gums. The latter texture is hard, more suitable for the teeth often tea stains, tobacco stains and other dirt crowd. The grinding rate of the bristles, that is, the smoothness of the cross section at the end of the bristles, generally refers to the dupont wire and other hard materials. The higher the value, the better, and it is not easy to harm the teeth. The state stipulates that the bristles of adult dental brushes shall not be less than 50%. However, the grinding rate can not be intuitively seen, but brands with excellent grinding rate will take the initiative to mark it.

The longer an electric toothbrush lasts, the less time it takes to charge, and the easier it is to use. Generally, the endurance of domestic toothbrushes is longer, which can reach ten or dozens of days. Kangyu electric toothbrush can even reach 100 days. The endurance of imported brands is weak, generally in about 7 days.

The vibration frequency of sonic electric toothbrush is between 30,000 times /min and 40,000 times /min. The higher the frequency, the stronger the cleaning ability, but there is no need to deliberately pursue high frequency, about 35,000 times /min is basically ok. In addition, the vibration frequency test requires a very professional equipment, not like some of the evaluation articles can be measured by looking at the spray. And electric toothbrushes have sound, the only difference is that the rotation is bigger, put aside the vibration frequency to measure the noise is not scientific, it is not meaningful......

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