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First of all, we need to clarify a question, that is, what is the purpose of the Water Flosser?

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Many people's first impression of Water Flosser is that it's an alternative to dental floss, to plug a tooth. Water Flosser do have that function, which is to remove food particles from between teeth, but they are designed to be used by people who have difficulty cleaning their teeth, such as orthodontists or elderly people. Water Flosser is not only to clean up the food debris between the teeth, but also to clean up the dental plaque on the surface of the teeth. If the dental plaque is not cleaned for a long time, it will form dental stones on the surface of the teeth, which will cause a variety of oral problems, such as bad breath, bleeding gums, gingival atrophy, etc. The purpose of brushing teeth is also to clean some dirty things on the surface of the teeth, but the cleaning area of the toothbrush is limited, no matter how to brush, there will be a part of the blind area,


In fact, the Water Flosser is more used as a supplementary oral cleaning method after brushing, and in general, it can not replace floss, only when the teeth are not very tight, the Water Flosser can replace floss.


What is the main function of the Water Flosser?


The cleaning principle of a toothbrush is to use a powerful high-pressure pulse to penetrate into the tooth's blind areas and remove the residue from the hidden areas. For people who are using a Water Flosser for the first time, they can be surprised by the filth that comes out of their mouth. It can remove food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate in the crevices of teeth that can't be reached by teeth and floss, effectively preventing tooth decay.


It massages and stimulates gums, improves blood circulation, and relieves toothache. It can efficiently clean orthodontic appliance, especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures. To have healthy teeth, it's a good habit to have a Water Flosser.


The main function of the Water Flosser when assisting cleaning


In the cleaning of teeth, the size of cleaning power is: electric toothbrush > ordinary toothbrush > Water Flosser.


The positioning of the Water Flosser is auxiliary and cannot be compared with the cleaning power of the electric toothbrush.


Who needs to buy a Water Flosser?


1. For the users of electric toothbrush, cooperate with the Water Flosser to clean the areas not properly cleaned by electric toothbrush.


2. Orthodontic users, users wearing braces, or using the braces party dedicated orthodontic nozzle, can wash away the food residue in the braces.


The crowd of orthodontic must use the Water Flosser!


Teeth braces dead Angle, more and more sensitive in the process of correction, my teeth are very healthy, but after wearing braces, didn't do clean, felt teeth, also have no awareness of protect teeth, a lot of health dead Angle didn't clean the knife, sensitive teeth now, sometimes feel stimulation to drink cold water.


3. The gap between teeth and gums is easy to get stuck with food residues. Using toothbrush and Water Flosser can only clean the surface accumulation, and users who want to clean up deep dirt.


In the tooth card residue, pick with toothpick, it is easy to cause fissure, affect beautiful.


Some people may bleed at the beginning, but it is because the gum itself is not healthy enough. After the inflammation disappears, the teeth will not bleed again. Don't worry too much about it.

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