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First, what is Water Flosser.

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A Water Flosser, also known as Water Flosser, uses a pulsed water flow technique. By pressurizing the water through the pump body, it can generate 800-1600 ultra-fine high-pressure pulsed water columns per minute. Its nozzle can clean the crevice of each tooth, while taking into account the periodontal pocket, gingival crevice and other blind areas of our daily brushing.


Two, whether the Water Flosser can replace the electric toothbrush?


With a Water Flosser, is it possible to get rid of the electric toothbrush?


The Water Flosser is only an auxiliary cleaning device, it can not completely replace our toothbrush, through mechanical friction, can remove 60 percent of dental plaque in the mouth.


So brushing your teeth is the most effective way to remove plaque. And the other 40 percent, that's the blind spot we ignore.


The Water Flosser work as a special rinse to remove as much as 40% of the plaque.


Three, whether the Water Flosser will cause the gap to widen?


Pressurized water column, can you harm the tooth, can the gap between my teeth that used long become big?


The toothbrush mentioned above uses a high pressure pulse water flow technology, which is very gentle to stimulate the teeth and will not make your teeth feel sour, soft or painful. Just like the electric toothbrush, it can adjust the mode and gear, and you can choose the mode suitable for your own strength.


So don't worry about gaping your teeth.


Compared to Water Flosser and floss, Water Flosser covers a wider area, does no harm to the teeth, and is easier to use.


For use, use 1 to 3 minutes after each meal, rinse Water Flosser twice a day is OK.


Four. Classification of Water Flosser


1. Classification of working principle

1) Variable frequency Water Flosser


Frequency conversion type is the use of high-power direct current, through the computer chip to control the speed of water flow and water output, every second to generate 15-25 times of ultra-fine high pressure pulse water column.


2) Live oxygen type Water Flosser


In the live oxygen form, air is injected into the Water Flosser, causing it to produce different frequencies and pulses. It squirts tiny air bubbles containing oxygen into the mouth, giving it a refreshing effect as well as a cleansing effect.


3) Jet Water Flosser


Jets are more like high-pressure water guns, using a technology called microburst to combine air and water, and spraying water mainly by touch.


4) Pulse type Water Flosser


It uses a pump to produce a jet of high pressure pulsed water, in other words, in the same way that people used to pump water, to continuously flush the teeth. Pulse is more common in the market.

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