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Floss, Water Flosser, toothbrush, which one is best ?

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Q: Floss, Water Flosser, toothbrush, which one is best ?


A: Do you brush and then use Water Flosser?


At the moment, it is not clear which order is best. However, the procedure Dr. Liu recommended for me is Water Flosser - flossing - brushing. There are two reasons:


First, if you brush your teeth and then use Water Flosser, after flossing, the space between teeth is not cleaned. Therefore, it is recommended to use Water Flosser first, remove the residual substances between teeth, and then use a toothbrush for all-round cleaning.


Second, because there is fluoride in the toothpaste (cleaning and protection), if you Water Flosser with water afterwards, all the fluoride in the toothpaste will be washed away. So, the order that dentists recommend is to use Water Flosser with water, then with a toothbrush.


Q: What do you do after each meal?


A: The dentist recommended that I eat first thing in the morning, do A dental cleaning routine, and then go out.


At night, brush your teeth before you go to bed.


After lunch, if you don't have the condition to brush your teeth, at least rinse your mouth, and use Water Flosser to floss the gaps between your teeth to keep your mouth clean.


Q: If you can't wash your teeth, will the more you wash them, the worse they will be?


A: The old idea of our parents' generation was that cleaning will make the teeth worse, irritate the teeth and gums, and widen the gap between the teeth, so try not to wash.


Big mistake. Cleaning can help clear stones and prevent periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Cleaning also helps to detect dental problems earlier, the equivalent of an oral exam, so that treatment can be done sooner. And every day to eat will have residue left in the gaps and dead corners of the teeth, breeding dental plaque. Therefore, regular dental cleaning can keep your mouth clean for a long time. The car needs to be washed often, not to mention the countless times a day to use the teeth!


Dental calculus is more serious, such as the first time to clean teeth, in the process of cleaning will be easy to bleed, this is a normal phenomenon.

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