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From the functionalism to analyze, electric toothbrush should be how to buy?

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From the functionalism to analyze, electric toothbrush should be how to buy? Cleaning force is the key to electric toothbrush, the principle is very simple, a good electric toothbrush brush head can shake thousands of times a minute, this is no faster than the hand speed.

The core power of electric toothbrush comes from the movement motor. Usually, the power mode of electric toothbrush can be divided into ordinary motor and acoustic motor. The working principle is that the motor drives the brush head and bristles to swing or rotate, while performing the ordinary brushing action while enhancing the friction cleaning effect.

The working principle of the acoustic motor is to rely on the strong and stable power output of the micro movement to drive the brush head and bristles to produce high-speed movement. Therefore, the micro power output system, namely the motor, is the heart of the sonic toothbrush and the key factor in determining the quality of the sonic toothbrush.

Global micro motor technology is divided into two major categories: First category: traditional motor power output system with gear ----- Enhanced micro motors. The power performance of this kind of micro motor is far beyond the power of electric toothbrush, its frequency can reach 20,000-30,000 times/min, its disadvantages are large noise, energy loss, and this kind of motor in idling vibration and frequency can not see the problem, once the teeth when the power is greatly reduced. Some businesses will package it as an automatic shock absorber, which is actually ineffective brushing.

Type II: non-gear power output system ----- Magnetic suspension power system (MTIC). This technology is an update of the power output of micro motors, breaking through the traditional transmission principle of electric machinery, sustainable and stable high-frequency acoustic vibration without mechanical friction, and the output energy is more powerful, more stable and more environmentally friendly than the micro motors with gears.

Why the bristles are also the key to influence the cleaning force, because in the case of electric toothbrush strong motor drive, if the bristles are equipped with bad material, the cleaning force will be greatly reduced; If the grinding rate is not enough, it will cause damage to the teeth and have a negative effect.

Toothbrush bristles are mainly divided into natural bristle and nylon yarn, most of the traditional manual toothbrush is bristle material, the material bristle brush cleaning effect and adsorption ability of toothpaste than nylon material is better, but the brush bristle material very absorbing water, dry slowly, and shower and relative humidity, time is long brush head is bacteria germs. Later, a company invented nylon, nylon wire material of the brush is not water absorbent, wear-resistant, and fine soft, elastic, has a good massage effect, since then nylon wire has become the first choice of the brush material.

There are also two well-known companies for electric toothbrush brush heads: DuPont and Pedex, the German company that invented nylon. So many good bristles are called DuPont bristles.

More dense bristles on the head of the brush mean more hair, more contact with the teeth, and better natural cleaning. According to the inspection standards for electric toothbrushes, the grinding rate of adult electric toothbrushes should not be less than 50 percent, and the grinding rate of children's electric toothbrushes should not be less than 70 percent. If the use of electric toothbrushes with unqualified grinding rate, it will harm the soft tissue of our mouth, cause damage to the tooth surface, and can not achieve good cleaning effect.

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