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Here are the most important but easily overlooked points I have learned from using electric toothbrushes over the years

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Here are the most important but easily overlooked points I have learned from using electric toothbrushes over the years: 1. The battery life, two minutes of electric toothbrushes, and charging every day.Most sense is an electric toothbrush when no electricity forget to charge the brush, because there are too many times I brush teeth in the morning of conditional reflex back, which also remember to recharge, so it is very important to the length of the battery life, a month to charge is basic level, some electric toothbrush can do half a year to charge,It has the longest battery life I know of.Anyway, I used to brush my teeth manually with an electric toothbrush. I'm a fool. I won't admit it.

The charging method

Is there a socket on your sink?There are several?To be honest, I think I should give an award for the Type-C charging port, which is much more convenient than the induction charging of the electric toothbrush that everyone uses. Even if you lose the attached charging cable, who doesn't have a Type-C cable now (if you are all Apple products, you must cherish the attached charging cable!).

Without a charger in your home, isn't it good for humanity?So whether it is charging base, charging cup, it is better than no charger at all.The best electric toothbrush is to have a two-minute regular reminder. If you don't brush enough, you won't stop. But the 30-second regular reminder is not available on every machine, which is generally configured for high-end electric toothbrush.It helps to form good habits.Especially in the home of children with bad brushing habits, we must use electric toothbrush, forcing children to improve the time of brushing teeth since childhood.At one point, I used a child's electric toothbrushes to get as close as possible to my wisdom teeth that were still there.Not back then, of course, when there were free baby toothbrushes in the office.

A small brush head will help control your brushing, but too small will affect the effect of your brushing.Electric toothbrushes should not be too heavy. If you hold it, it will get wet. If it is a very smooth cylinder, it will easily rotate.In addition, the charging port of Type-C has higher requirements for electric toothbrush waterproof, and IPX7 level double waterproof will be relatively stable.

Electric toothbrush appearance design as much as possible to look good, this, it involves my knowledge of the blind area, about electric toothbrush after-sales, electric toothbrush although there is no fragile parts, but one year if for a variety of reasons, it is directly to replace the new machine, very worry, but also shows the confidence in the product.Finally, some people always have the logic, you're a dentist, if you recommend a good electric toothbrush, how do you get paid?But really, in fact, we rely on your attention to the teeth to make money, because only if you pay attention to any problems in the future, you will come to us, and at the present stage in China, regular dental doctors, or its lack.In addition, the electric toothbrush has no radiation. It is not necessary to worry about the radiation injury of the electric toothbrush to the brain.

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