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How can you tell a good electric toothbrush from a bad one?

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Cheap electric toothbrushes don't offer a great experience. Motor: Motor is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost difference of electric toothbrush. At present, the motor of acoustic electric toothbrush has two kinds: eccentric motor and magnetic levitation motor. Magnetic levitation motor is more expensive than the eccentric motor, but also better performance, such as stronger power, weak vibration feel, quiet, swing mode, along the gingival line can sweep the whole electric toothbrush surface, while the eccentric motor is up and down around the vibration mode, easy to constantly hit the gum in the process of use. In addition, the magnetic levitation motor into the water to drive the water spray to be larger, when brushing teeth is conducive to drive the water to wash the gap between teeth.

The quality of the bristles of electric toothbrush: the higher the roundness rate of the bristles, the less the damage of the teeth and gums. According to the new toothbrush standard: flat hair type toothbrush roundness rate reaches 60%, special-shaped hair type toothbrush roundness rate reaches 40% is qualified. Dupont bristles, for example, have a rounding rate of more than 90%, but some cheap electric toothbrushes do not even meet the standard, and long-term use can cause damage to teeth and gums.

Charging and battery life: Low-end electric toothbrushes come with batteries, mid-to-high price models come with USB convenient charging, and even wireless charging. Battery life is very important, the giants in the electric toothbrush battery life actually is not long, just 10 days or even days, also some parts to commend the excellent domestic brands, their electric toothbrush can be used to charge more than 20 days (in fact, I use for more than a month and electricity), also can pass each use the pattern of lights to remind you, soc It's very convenient. Waterproof grade: IPX7 waterproof national inspection standard, requiring the top distance from the water 0.15-1 meters, continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage. Therefore, in the process of use, there is no need to worry about electric leakage when cleaning the electric toothbrush.

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