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How do I know when my sonic toothbrush needs replacing?

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There's really no one standard answer to the question of how long it takes to replace a sonic toothbrush. But most people think once every three months, which is actually based on the wear and tear of most people's sonic toothbrush. Because most people use electric toothbrush manufacturer for about 3 months, the bristles will curl and wear, and the cleaning ability will decline, making it difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the electric toothbrush manufacturer with a new one. An article published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology in 1986 focused on the question of "whether old electric toothbrush manufacturer are not terrible at removing plaque." One group of volunteers used the same electric toothbrush factory for 10 weeks, and the other group replaced it every two weeks. After 10 weeks, the researchers compared the condition of their gums and the amount of plaque on their teeth and found that the first group of volunteers had significantly more plaque on their teeth than the latter group. From this result, long-term electric toothbrush factory are indeed weaker in removing plaque. However, as the investigation progressed, different findings emerged. In 1996, an article published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology examined the same issue. Unlike before, the subjects were switched from both groups to the same person, using the same sonic toothbrush manufacturer, and compared over time. The results showed that the amount of plaque decreased with increasing sonic toothbrush manufacturer use. Even when the volunteers were divided into two groups based on sonic toothbrush manufacturer wear, there was no significant difference in their ability to remove plaque. From this perspective, there was no significant difference between the old and new sonic toothbrush factory in controlling plaque formation. In short, it can be seen that the sonic toothbrush factory does not have to be replaced after 3 months, but it can actually be determined according to the degree of wear of the sonic toothbrush factory. However, the longer the electric toothbrush wholesale is used, the more bacteria accumulate in the bristles, and it is still necessary to replace them regularly from a hygiene point of view. The prevailing practice is still based on the American Dental Association's (ADA) recommendation that electric toothbrush wholesale should be replaced at least every 3-4 months. However, some people brush their teeth too hard, causing the electric toothbrush wholesale to wear out quickly and may need to be replaced within 1-2 months. Everyone can pay attention to the sonic toothbrush wholesale. If the bristles are distorted, bent, or pale, it means that the sonic toothbrush wholesale has reached the stage of replacement. The replacement cycle of the head of an sonic toothbrush wholesale is the same as that of a manual toothbrush. It is recommended to replace it within 3 months. First, if the brush head is used for too long, it may cause the bristles to fall. It not only affects the cleaning effect, but also causes more serious damage to tooth enamel. Secondly, electric toothbrush agency are daily necessities. Using the same electric toothbrush agency for a long time can lead to the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria between the bristles, which is not conducive to oral hygiene. Third, the most important thing is to use it correctly. Some people brush their teeth so hard that after a month, their hair falls out seriously. Some people use it very gently, but after 3 months, it is still intact. Obviously, this is problematic - in general, brushing requires about 100 grams of force. How to brush teeth scientifically with electric toothbrush agency? If you have any questions, you can also check out this article. Standard brushing methods and the right sonic toothbrush agency can lead to better cleaning results. 1, How long can the sonic toothbrush agency last? How long do sonic toothbrush agency usually last? This issue should be looked at separately, because the life of the main engine, brush head and other components of the electric toothbrush dealer is actually different. 1. The service life of the electric toothbrush dealer is 2-4 years. The toothbrush body of electric toothbrush dealer is usually made of ABS plastic +TPE, and some are made of aluminum alloy. The general service life is 2 to 4 years. Of course, the nine yuan nine yuan Pinduoduo brand and a large number of brands below 100 yuan are easy to break soon after purchase, and their service life depends on luck. 2, the impact of the waterproof effect of sonic toothbrush dealer- the improper use of sonic toothbrush dealer with a service life of 3 years is a very important factor affecting its service life. For example, charging is not standardized, or there is water into the charging port and other areas are not cleaned up in time. If the sonic toothbrush dealer is placed in a humid environment for a long time, it is also easy to cause aging of the parts and affect the service life. 3. Lithium battery life of electric toothbrush trader -2 years Now electric batteries are basically lithium batteries. Cheap electric toothbrush trader are designed to vary the number of batteries, which are very unreliable and not recommended due to poor experience. 4. The brush head is a consumable, it is not a body part. The service life is three months. It is recommended to replace the handle of the electric toothbrush trader every three months. Based on the above dry goods, we can get a qualified sonic toothbrush trader. As long as it is not a low-quality and low-quality product, its normal life can exceed 2 years! Therefore, we must stay away from cheap and poor quality sonic toothbrush trader. Their useful life is a mystery! 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush trader? If you are interested in electric toothbrush company and want to buy them, then it is not enough to just understand the general service life, but also need a very deep understanding of its advantages and disadvantages to better guide your purchase. First, let's talk about the advantages: 1. Manual toothbrushes can only be cleaned by gently swinging their wrists, which makes them painful and can't see the brushing time. Not only can the electric toothbrush company vibrate on its own to reduce the burden on the wrist, it can also be set to stop working regularly for two minutes. 2. Brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush, even if you try hard, only a few hundred times a minute. Almost all electric toothbrush company can brush tens of thousands of times per minute, and the cleaning efficiency is completely unmatched. 3. Manual toothbrushes leave a lot of dead spots and gaps that can't be cleaned, and you must use a toothpick to pick your teeth every time you brush. However, sonic toothbrush company are characterized by deep cleaning, which uses the principle of fluid mechanics to drive toothpaste and water to clean the tooth surface and between the teeth, so that powerful deep cleaning can be achieved. The teeth listed in the picture below are easily achieved by a sonic toothbrush company: 4. Tooth wear is relatively small, which is difficult for many people to understand. Manual toothbrushes are not easy to control, and the worry is that force will make the electric toothbrush supplier less clean, but force will wear down the teeth. The electric toothbrush supplier holds evenly and greatly reduces tooth wear. Here we will scientifically introduce the shortcomings of sonic toothbrush supplier: 1. There are many cheap, inferior sonic toothbrush supplier on the market. Even the manufacturing materials are second-hand and do not meet the eligibility standards of imported electric toothbrush vendor. For example, the vibration of low-quality motors is unbalanced or the quality of low-quality bristles is poor. Oddly enough, this bad electric toothbrush vendor doesn't hurt your teeth. Therefore, no matter which brand of electric toothbrush vendor is good, it must be avoided because of its low price and poor quality. 2. At present, the sonic toothbrush vendor industry is in a fierce competition. Many sonic toothbrush vendor brands ignore the user's tooth damage rate and only stack vibration frequency to improve cleaning power, resulting in too high vibration frequency of some sonic toothbrush vendor. The data makes people's teeth completely unbearable. Too much cleaning is bad for teeth. Therefore, no matter which brand of electric toothbrush bulk is good, the vibration frequency is too high, we should be careful to choose. The data show that the suitable vibration frequency range for Chinese people is between 30,000 and 40,000 times. If it's too low, it's not clean, and if it's too high - like the one in the picture above - it directly increases the chance of tooth damage! 3. At present, there are many brands of electric toothbrush bulk, and tooth damage is mainly divided into two categories: short-term tooth damage and long-term tooth damage. If you have short-term tooth damage, it means buying a product that has a serious quality problem, which can cause bleeding in the teeth immediately after brushing. This harm can be prevented in the first place. However, if you buy some of the motor quality is not up to standard, resulting in unstable vibration, or the bristle material is not up to standard, the bristles are hard, low roundness products, this chronic tooth damage usually takes several months to discover. When it is discovered too late, serious problems can cause the gums to become more sensitive and even develop serious problems such as gum shrinkage and cracks. 3, beginners must read, the four Ikh Khorig of the sonic toothbrush bulk industry. Before buying a sonic toothbrush bulk, especially for beginners, you must carefully read the following taboos so that you can avoid being trapped by defective products to a large extent! No. 1: Don't trust celebrity endorsements and influencer products. You should know that wool comes from sheep. The head of the network celebrity endorsement, network red products, tens of millions, tens of millions of start. That's a big outlay for any brand in the increasingly competitive electric toothbrush industry. As a result, marketing costs are much higher than product development and optimization costs. Even if the price is high, there is not much difference in progress and experience, this is no problem IQ tax! Taboo 2: Don't underestimate the brush head, because there are many details that are crucial. Although the brush head is small, it makes direct contact with our mouth, and there are many details that are crucial. For example, the roundness of the bristles is very important. Brushing your hair with a low-roundness brush is just looking for a dead end. Sharp bristles will hopelessly scratch the gums of your teeth, so electric toothbrush are recommended to have the highest roundness possible. electric toothbrush have become the first choice for modern tooth protection. Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, this sonic toothbrush  needs to change the brush head regularly, and the cleaning effect is better and less effort. So, how long is a sonic toothbrush  good for? A professional did a survey and found that the "golden life" of most toothbrushes electric is about three months. Within three months of use, the performance indicators of the toothbrushes electric are at the "peak", not only the appearance of comfort, but also easy to use, can better take care of the health of the teeth. Of course, according to the current market conditions, changing every three months is too expensive and far beyond the means of most people. In particular, the head of a silicone toothbrushes electric was used. This article will introduce the replacement method of the silicone brush head of the electric tooth brush, such as: does the silicone brush head need to be replaced? How often does the silicone brush head of the electric tooth brush be replaced? Why pay attention to changing the silicone brush head? With the continuous wear of the teeth, the brush head gradually becomes softer from the beginning of "medium hardness", and the hair cells will gradually wear and deform, resulting in a decline in the surface cleaning ability of the brush head. If you continue to use deformed and worn brush heads, it will lead to a significant decrease in brushing effectiveness, which can easily lead to dental health problems. Due to different brands and models, the replacement cycle of the silicone replacement head of the sonic electric toothbrush is the same. Under normal circumstances, it is generally recommended to replace the silicone replacement head of a sonic electric toothbrush every 2-3 months. If the silicone brush head is deformed or worn during use, or if it is used for more than two months, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure oral health. In addition, after replacing the brush head, be sure to clean the kids electric toothbrush and brush head and store it in a dry and ventilated place. In addition, timely replacement of the brush head can also reduce microbial reproduction and cross infection, thus ensuring oral hygiene and reducing the occurrence of periodontal disease and oral infection. How to properly use and clean kids electric toothbrush is very important in our daily brushing and tooth protection process. Especially for the silicone brush head, it is more important to pay attention to the replacement time to ensure that the teeth are always healthy.