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How do students buy electric toothbrushes?

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People who have used electric toothbrushes should not be able to accept ordinary soft bristles. An electric toothbrush will give you a cleaning effect that a manual toothbrush can never match. Of course, the most important thing is that the electric toothbrush can improve People's Daily brushing habits -- for me, the first time I used the electric toothbrush was due to the habit of brushing horizontally, which caused the horizontal groove on the surface of the teeth, which was suggested by the dentist to change the soft toothbrush. The type of electric toothbrush on market at present is very much, price distinction is very big also. Some electric toothbrushes cost 1,000 yuan on the market, while others are more likely to be a freebie for a whitening toothpaste. How should you choose an electric toothbrush? What's the difference between an expensive electric toothbrush and a cheap one? First, how to choose electric toothbrush? When choosing an electric toothbrush, the following points should be paid attention to:

 6, toothbrush arc, because its vibration frequency is too fast, sometimes gently leaning on the gums, will feel a soft and sour. Discomfort is only one aspect, and it undoubtedly has an effect on the gums. To prevent this, make the top of your electric toothbrush's bristles round, rather than sticking to your gums. Buy soft toothbrush worth mentioning, buy accessories electric toothbrush head worth mentioning, all need to pay attention to the arc of the toothbrush hair. It's how much of the electric toothbrush is in it, and the top of the head is round. Proposal buys circular arc not less than 70% electric toothbrush head, good brush head can accomplish the effect of 90% above.

Common problems with electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush is not suitable for sensitive people? Fault. It's a common misconception: vibrating at that frequency is bound to be harder and more damaging than brushing my teeth manually. But in fact, if you look at the difference between the head of your manual toothbrush and the head of your electric toothbrush that you've been using for three months, is the manual toothbrush better at splitting? People who can't brush their teeth can't do it manually. The selection of sensitive people focuses on the bristles, and the requirements for electric toothbrush are indeed higher, so it is not artificial to ensure the protection of the gums and teeth, and the selection of electric toothbrush with sensitive gears. Can the gap between the teeth become big after electric toothbrush is used? If the gap between the teeth becomes larger after use, it is because the foreign matter between the teeth, calculus, etc., has been removed. It's like having a big gap between your teeth when you've just cleaned your teeth. If this feeling is very obvious, the oral condition is very bad, too many dental stones. More need to use electric toothbrush at ordinary times to clean in place, so as not to cause periodontal disease calculus.

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