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How do you choose Water Flosser?

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(1) The Water Flosser is divided into home use and portable. Home is a large volume, a load of water can be used by the whole family, or plug-in. Portable is small, easy to store and requires charging or using dry batteries. Although I am home use, but still choose portable, the reason is very simple, so a big machine of home use is placed on the face of washbasin takes a place too much, plug in electricity to still have wire to get in the way, all the year round the table is touched every day the water that splashes to the environment is easy to grow mildew. And portable, only twice the size of the electric toothbrush, generally a few days or a month to charge once is also good, electric toothbrush is not this charging frequency, a tooth flush, a load of water or two is not trouble, after the teeth want to put anywhere. It is highly recommended to buy portable.


(2) Numbers of sprinklers is more. Some styles are specifically for orthodontics, and some are for dental plaque. As an ordinary person buying a Water Flosser for the first time, I think these toothbrush heads can be ignored. However, today's Water Flosser come with multiple nozzles.


(3) Standby time of charging. Of course, longer battery life is better, but that also means higher prices. I generally use 3 on the stronger, put at home in the evening to use once, each time 1 points pro test can be charged once a month.


(4) The most important thing is cleaning power and comfort


The cleaning power of the Water Flosser mainly depends on three aspects: water pressure, water spray pattern and water flow frequency.


The greater the water pressure, the easier it is to clean, but too much water pressure is easy to damage the mouth, generally in the range of 40-90psi.


Water spray mode recommended to choose the pulse mode, water impact strength, good cleaning effect, can meet the needs of most people.


Although there is no clear standard for the flow frequency, it is generally recommended to choose more than 1200Hz for better use.


As for comfort, the more gear the better.


Other considerations include whether the water tank is easy to flush, whether the appearance level is high enough, noise, and whether it is waterproof.


There are two Water Flosser that people are always concerned about.


Q: What is the ideal frequency of use of the Water Flosser?


A: It depends on your actual needs. Usually, use it once a day. If you eat sticky food or feel food debris stuck between your teeth, use it immediately after eating to clean the residue between your teeth.


Q: Can you replace dental floss with a Water Flosser?


A: There is some overlap between the function of the dental floss and the Water Flosser. Floss is to clean the adjacent surface of two teeth by mechanical scraping. Water Flosser are mainly used to clean the abductions and other areas where toothbrush and floss can't reach or can't clean properly.


Q: Can a Water Flosser do the cleaning?


A: It cannot be replaced by cleaning teeth, which will remove deep stubborn stains such as dental stones. Water Flosser is used as a product to assist in cleaning teeth and prevent dental diseases.

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