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How do you use water flosser?

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Step 1. After the water flosser is fully charged, plug the plug into the charging socket.Although the general water flosser is waterproof, but still in case, it is best to plug the rubber plug, to avoid water.

Step 2 After installing the nozzle of the water flosser, open the cover of the water tank and fill with water.

Step 3 Press the "Mode" button to select the MODE. For first time users, use "SOFT" mode and water flosser for about a week, then use normal mode after getting used to it.Or people with sensitive teeth can choose this mode.

Step 4: After selecting the mode, put the water flosser nozzle into the mouth and aim at the teeth or gums (the water floss can only massage the gums);Then open its mouth slightly to allow the water to drain away;Press the switch button again.

It should be noted that the preparation work is done first, and then press the switch button under the water flosser, to avoid the spray of water splashing on the skin and eyes;Water should flow perpendicular to the tooth or gums;Do not press the teeth or gums too hard to avoid damage to the gums.Do not spray water into a periodontal pocket unless your water flosser is designed to clean the pocket or has a nozzle for the pocket.

Step 5: After cleaning, drain the remaining water in the water flosser tank out, then press the switch button to drain the water inside, and finally wipe the body of the water flosser.

Let's talk about the red, swollen and bleeding gums after water flossing.One, this may be caused by improper operation.Adjust the way you use water flosser first and see if it improves.Two, they may have gum inflammation and other oral inflammation.You can try to use the water flosser in a gentle mode for two or three days to see if the bleeding will slowly disappear;If the situation continues, it is equal to prompt you to go to the regular oral hospital to do dental examination.3. Not everyone can use water flosser.The instructions say people with periodontal disease or who have had oral surgery in the last two months should consult a doctor before using a dental flush.

Here is my experience of using water flosser. When I first used it, I also tried bleeding gums.But also because they are not used to its current impact, and even a little afraid of it.Later, I used it for a few days and slowly adjusted my posture. After I felt it, I became more accustomed to it.

Finally, if you want to learn more about water flosser, or to find out what type of water floss is recommended, you can check out the recommended water flosser articles.

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