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How does an electric toothbrush work?

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A gentleman does not bend his waist for five dozen meters, but for toothache. Tooth care is particularly important, electric toothbrush is more and more popular, which high appearance level and easy to use electric toothbrush, experienced users recommend for you. Article long do not want to see - whether you are a novice veteran men and women, these two closed eyes to buy, money are easy to use. Electric toothbrush brand with excellent reputation in recent two years, high appearance level, excellent technology, good cleaning effect, the most important is the high cost performance. The bristles are soft and stiff, and the brush is clean without hurting the gums. There are 5 cleaning modes in total. The packaging is exquisite and advanced, and the metal body of the electric toothbrush makes it comfortable and delicate to hold. The operation of the bristles is vibration + rotation, and the hardness of the bristles is moderate. When using the bristles, it will not feel too strong and uncomfortable, but very gentle and efficient, without cracking teeth. Inductive charging, 5 electric toothbrush cleaning modes, I often use Clean+ mode, every time after brushing teeth Clean and Clean, once or twice a week using polishing mode, more effective than whitening paste. Suitable for gift is also suitable for self use, high appearance level, high cost performance of things rare, it is one. Get 2 brush heads +1 convenient case + sensor Charger +1 box of floss sticks + gift bag.

Has provided technology and process solutions for many big brands electric toothbrush, strong professional strength. They continue to adhere to the "medical grade" product development thinking of the past large-scale projects, the electric toothbrush as a medical product development. In addition, we have years of nursing and research experience on Chinese dental diseases and complexity. We have created the first high span and high coverage vibration frequency range from 26,000 times to 37200 times per minute, greatly reducing the rate of tooth injury. At the same time, we also developed a variety of brush heads to adapt to different dental characteristics of different groups.

Many people think that an electric toothbrush is just a lazy tool, just easier to brush than a regular toothbrush. Actually, no, electric toothbrushes are much better at cleaning than manual toothbrushes, and the vibration generated during the work can improve blood circulation in the mouth. It can also reduce damage to teeth and reduce the frequency of gingivitis. So when choosing an electric toothbrush is also very important, so the electric toothbrush is a very high ratio of the electric toothbrush industry standard drafting unit, the first domestic feed industry standard drafting unit, founded in 2006, in the oral health care, has 16 years of precipitation technology, part of the oral cavity hospital, dental clinics have counters.

The charging tip of this electric toothbrush is quite interesting. After the charging holder, the battery light will flash, indicating that it is charging, and the battery light will turn off, indicating that it is fully charged. If you use it for five minutes a day, you can get a full charge for two weeks. The green light blinks when the power is less than 50%, and the yellow light blinks when the power is less than 10%, accompanied by a warning sound.

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