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How does electric toothbrush brush teeth scientifically?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-12      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush can be very good to clean our mouth, so many friends will choose to use electric toothbrush, but for the first time to use electric toothbrush friends, or there will be a lot of don't know where, so how to use it?

The specific steps are as follows :

1. Installing the brush head after we buy an electric toothbrush, the first step to get the hand is to install the brush head on the brush body. It is best to keep the bristles in the same direction as the open button.Of course, before that, you need to buy a suitable electric toothbrush, my advice is not to buy tens of dollars of the kind of electric toothbrush, except for the installation of a vibrating motor, and ordinary manual toothbrush is no different.

2. The choice of mode general electric toothbrush is a variety of modes, at the beginning of the use of electric toothbrush is best to choose a more gentle, so as not to cause discomfort, after getting used to, you can adjust according to your own preferences.3. Squeeze the toothpaste and smear the toothpaste on the bristles. Pay attention to the right amount.There are many kinds of toothpaste on the market. I use probiotic capsule toothpaste myself, and I can also recommend it to everyone here. I feel very good after using it.

4. Start brushing

After you put the electric toothbrush in your mouth, press the switch. When you brush, keep the toothbrush at a 45 degree Angle to the teeth, move it slowly and keep it on each tooth for enough time. When you are finished, turn off the switch and rinse the electric toothbrush.

As for the control of the force, according to the mouth muscles feel the decision, do not push too hard.Tongue coating, generally do not brush, only brush teeth.If you feel a splash, close your mouth a little.Mouth open, or mouth closed, it's up to you.Don't think of electric toothbrush so mysterious, in fact, and we usually brush teeth is not much different, do not have to adhere to too many things.Once you get used to it, none of this will be a problem.It's like kissing. People who haven't been kissed are always asking how long they should keep their hands in the kiss.After you kiss, it's all natural. It's not so much a set rule.

It is true that many people will not use it at the beginning, including me, have been shaken in the face by toothpaste, have been less than a traditional toothbrush for half a day, and even have a tooth broken, suspected to be electric toothbrush dry...Haha actually general electric toothbrush how to use, in the manual will write.

Since the electric toothbrush has so many advantages over the traditional toothbrush, I chose to buy one. It feels good to use it at home, because I am lazy and unwilling to start my hands, and my arm hurts when I brush my teeth manually for a long time.Then I have been using electric toothbrush, so how should I brush my teeth correctly.

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