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How does periodontal disease patient choose electric toothbrush?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: Site

Over the years the use of electric toothbrush, and a large number of patients with observation, suggested when choosing an electric toothbrush to judge must be from the following several aspects: the first point: motor: as far as possible choose magnetic levitation motor, few yuan products are generally adopts hollow cup motor, was uneven, dynamic instability is very easy to hurt.

Second point: vibration frequency and power should also pay attention to distinguish, many dozens of electric toothbrush power is insufficient, there is no clean brush, power weak situation. Third point: the brush head is the key part of an electric toothbrush, because only the brush head vibration and friction teeth, can remove dental plaque and tartar and other impurities, to achieve the cleaning of teeth. Fourth: Bristle material: The bristles of electric toothbrushes are mainly divided into natural bristles and nylon silk. At present, nylon silk bristles are used in the market. Middle and high end electric toothbrushes basically use Dupont bristles. Fifth, the density of hair planting. The density of the hair on the brush head means that the amount of hair planting is larger, the area that contacts the teeth is larger, and the natural cleaning effect is better. Sixth: roundness rate has a direct impact on the protection of gums. The surface of bristles without grinding is irregular and sharp. The surface of the brush bristles is rounded and full after grinding. If you use an electric toothbrush with poor roundness, it will damage the soft tissue of your mouth, cause damage to the surface of your teeth, and will not achieve a good cleaning effect. In the selection of brands, I do not recommend you to choose electric toothbrushes costing tens of yuan, and foreign brands are also not recommended. After these years of use, I found that foreign brands are not friendly to Chinese teeth! Therefore, I recommend domestic brands, such as female brands, for their comfort level is not bad. Although the cleaning force is poor, the price under promotion is quite cost-effective. In addition, there are some domestic brands are also worth recommending cost-effective. Among the products I have used, electric toothbrush has good cleaning power and high gum protection. Although it is not well known, many dentists actively recommend it. Focus on research and development and never do advertising. Many media actually measured that every brushing can reduce the injury by 80%. The above is the summary of dozens of yuan of electric toothbrush can buy? And 6 key differences between good and bad electric toothbrushes! Hope to help you, or the same sentence, if we are cheap, it is better to use manual toothbrush to be safe, although the cleaning force is almost, but at least will not hurt the teeth, so if you want to clean the force is good, but also do not hurt the teeth, it is necessary to choose a rigorous and rational electric toothbrush, do not be cheap!Dozens of cheap do not buy, big brands do not need to pursue, many brands than the electric toothbrush itself expensive. As we usually use their own words to choose a higher price can be.

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