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How long will a good quality electric toothbrush last?What is the fair use period?

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-30      Origin: Site

Almost two years, don't think of it as a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation, pixel a certain is known to be too bad, even some of the international big wigs are also this urine.At present, the vast majority of electric toothbrushes end up in water leakage. The expensive ones can last more than two years, and the ones that can be maintained can be used for four or five years. It is not easy.Cheap, such as 100 yuan or less, waterproof performance is much worse.

I heard that qualified electric toothbrushes have to be processed by a copy machine before they leave the factory. This process takes about 24 hours, and then the products are completely immersed in water for more than 12 hours. They can only be put on the market after they are taken out for use.Cheap electric toothbrush, you want to do so strict treatment.Even if the better electric toothbrush waterproof performance qualified, fully reached IPX7 level, with a 2 years or so most of the water leakage is what situation?This has to say that we have too much neglect of the daily maintenance of electric toothbrush.

Generally speaking, we don't all put it in the bathroom, after all, brush your teeth when easy to get it is king ah.Toilet environment need not I say more, affirmation is wet, plus some comrades out of electric toothbrush, also don't know to wipe clean, receive, are generally not vertical storage, you remain above the saliva will follow the brush holder in the bottom of the sealing ring, bacteria also, incidentally, and went in, accumulate over a long period, will corrode sealing ring, will naturally into the water.I've read a lot of posts on the forum about disassembling broken electric toothbrush, most of which show rotten seals.In addition, there is no dry and wet separation of the toilet, the water vapor produced when taking a bath will also have a certain impact, after all, electric toothbrush can waterproof, can not prevent water vapor ah!Have been protected do not pay to look for a manufacturer to repair, not cost-effective, like philips want oneself to pay the cost of 50% of the original price.

You can stroll around in a treasure, there are a lot of repair, but also want to be careful by pit.If you have a strong hand, or learn to take the electric toothbrush apart to see if there is a problem with the battery for a change, and then the sealing ring, waterproof risk replacement will not be too difficult.

But change the battery need to pay attention to, must buy the right model, otherwise it will burn the motherboard.Instead of waiting for it to be bad, it is better to learn to maintain it, it is also very simple, after use, find a dry towel, wipe electric toothbrush clean, and then hard to shake the water on the head of the brush, finally take out the bathroom, find a dry place flat on.

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