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How old can a child start using an electric toothbrush?

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How old are recommended to use an electric toothbrush, this problem is very important, don't know mothers may in children aged 2 began to use electric toothbrush to darling, actually does not recommend using electric toothbrush to darling so early, because, first of all, the electric toothbrush is a vibration, and fast, the child is too small, baby teeth has not fully developed,The high frequency vibration of electric toothbrush may cause percussion damage to teeth and affect tooth replacement.Secondly, a lot of electric toothbrush handles are relatively large, children are too small, it is not easy to grasp the vibration of the toothbrush handle, but easy to damage the tender gums, causing gum swelling and bleeding;Thirdly, when children use electric toothbrush to brush their teeth, they are easy to be distracted. If they put the toothbrush on one or several teeth for a long time, it may cause excessive wear and tear to tooth enamel. Such improper operation will cause very painful damage to teeth.So my personal advice is not to use electric toothbrush for young children (at least not for a long time), how old is recommended to use electric toothbrush?An analysis of the website suggests that children should not use electric toothbrushes until the age of six.In other words, it is generally recommended to use children's electric toothbrush after the age of 6.But, although to advise their children 6 years old later use electric toothbrush, also is not to say that 6 said before must not use, but should be used under certain conditions appropriate make full use of the electric toothbrush attract role in children's novel, help children get into the habit of initiative to brush your teeth, use at the same time there should be a parent at a side to guide and supervise, do safety brush your teeth, science and brush your teeth,Develop good habits.

Although a child's ability to take care of themselves is important, early dental care can have a big impact on later life, as it is often difficult for children to brush their teeth properly.Even with an electric toothbrush, cleaning is difficult.Use electric toothbrushes after age 8 is recommended.Generally speaking, after the child is 3 years old, there is a suitable electric toothbrush for children.If you buy an electric toothbrush at this time, it is also recommended that adults help children brush their teeth.

There is no age limit for electric toothbrushes, and there are many designs on the market for young babies, so mothers can choose according to their needs.There are only two premises for the baby to use electric toothbrush: (1) to choose a quality assurance and designed for the baby's oral cavity electric toothbrush for children;Such an electric toothbrush should have a head that fits your baby's mouth, a soft bristle with medium hardness, and a handle that is easy to grasp.Follow these three points plus a flattering "appearance level" to be sure.) ② Parents should be around to help supervise every time they use it.As for gum damage, it's the wrong way to use it, not the electric toothbrush itself.

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