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How should electric toothbrush use ability to achieve clean effect?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-15      Origin: Site

I, for one, paid a five-figure IQ tax on electric toothbrushes. The tax is much higher than the sum of my salary income in recent years. It has been five years since I upgraded my manual electric toothbrush, changed four models, and imported flagship machines from old manufacturers. These days I often receive private messages from my friends: how to buy an electric toothbrush? How do I use an electric toothbrush? What electric toothbrush do you recommend? Indeed, the purchase of electric toothbrush is really a knowledge, a little careless will step on the pit. A popular science electric toothbrush is not IQ tax problem, has also been popular science electric toothbrush use method. Due to the random brushing method of ordinary manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush gradually entered our field of vision. The goal of using an electric toothbrush is to simplify the tedious process of brushing and remove plaque more effectively. Toothbrush, a small item in daily life, bid farewell to the status of ordinary toothbrushing tools in the past, and become a new technology by electric and intelligent packaging. The first electric toothbrush was invented in Switzerland more than half a century ago. It was introduced by the pharmaceutical company Squibb in 1959 for the American Dental Association's centennial, and it was called Broxodent. In 1961, General Electric introduced the first rechargeable electric toothbrush without wires. So how does the electric toothbrush brush properly? First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of electric toothbrush different from manual toothbrush. Whether manual or electric, need to follow is still the Pap brush method. Pap brushing method requires: make part of the bristles into the gingival sulcus and part of the electric toothbrush bristles spread on the gingival margin, and extend into the adjacent space as far as possible, with gentle pressure, make the bristles in the direction of the original position in short distance horizontal vibration 4~5 times. When trembling, the electric toothbrush moves only about 1mm. Brush 2 ~ 3 teeth each time. One of the most important points is a small range of horizontal vibration, must not be a large range of horizontal brush, which is the most difficult part of the Pap brush method to master. The emergence of electric toothbrush greatly simplifies this difficult action, because the brushing mode of different electric toothbrush is basically unchanged. The design of the brush head and high-frequency vibration of electric toothbrush make us only need to place the brush head at the gingival sulice and let it vibrate in a small range and high frequency. Undoubtedly, it reduces the boring and fatigue of brushing teeth, and simplifies the process of brushing teeth to some extent.Therefore, we can know that using electric toothbrush, we do not need to do too much hand movement, just need to put the brush head at the right Angle and force to the gingival sulcus. So at this time, the movement mode of electric toothbrush brush head is very important, which is also the key research and development and promotion of major manufacturers.

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