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How the electric toothbrush works?

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There are two types of electric toothbrushes: rotary vibration and acoustic vibration.Rotating electric toothbrush: the motor inside the toothbrush is used to drive the circular brush head to rotate, which strengthens the friction of the toothbrush on the teeth.Acoustic electric toothbrush: the motor in the toothbrush is used to drive the toothbrush head to swing at high speed. During the movement of the toothbrush head, mechanical vibration will be generated to drive the fluctuation of water and play the effect of cleaning and massaging the gums.Sound waves have different cleaning effects on teeth due to different frequencies.After the general introduction, I will systematically introduce the electric toothbrush is better than the traditional manual toothbrush.1. Strong cleaning power In my actual measurement, the cleaning power test is to use the denture + smear chocolate sauce as the simulation, and observe the cleaning effect of each type in 2 minutes.

The purpose of electric toothbrush is to clean dental plaque more efficiently and thoroughly, and a high-quality electric toothbrush is bound to rely on the motor inside the toothbrush. The better the motor is, the better the cleaning effect will be.

It's hard to brush your teeth with your hands. Brushing too hard or too lightly can damage your teeth and even cause bleeding gums.Moreover, some people brush their teeth in the wrong way and brush their teeth laterally, which can easily lead to wedge wear and other problems. Such problems are irreversible.Electric toothbrushes reduce the incidence of gingivitis and bleeding gums by about 62 percent, making brushing safer and more effective.Electric toothbrushes come in many styles and in different models to meet the needs of different groups of people.How to buy electric toothbrush, this is also a university to ask, about the purchase, it is recommended to see the article.

Electric toothbrushes are a bit more expensive than manual toothbrushes, but they offer a great deal of value for money and can solve many different dental problems.Manual although the price is low, but the uncontrollable amount is too much, it is difficult for ordinary people to completely avoid oral problems.

Electric toothbrushes may indeed work better than regular toothbrushes.In fact, without looking at the comparative experiment, we can also think of manual toothbrush brushing frequency in dozens of hundreds of times a minute, the frequency of electric toothbrush is as high as thousands of times a minute, in the same time, the higher the frequency of brushing, so the cleaning efficiency is naturally stronger.At the same time, the electric toothbrush comes with 2min timing function and 30S change zone reminder can let you know clearly that you brush your teeth enough time.So isn't an ordinary toothbrush as clean as an electric one?

Convenient multifunctional electric toothbrush, safer for your teeth Using ordinary toothbrush has a drawback, that is: the power of the hand big and small, uncertain, too much efforts can damage or hurt innocent gums, teeth surface strength is too small will be clean and not clean, will result in different parts of the internal teeth cleaning degree.In addition to the ordinary cleaning mode, the electric toothbrush will take into account the cleaning needs of different groups of people, equipped with other modes.