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How to buy an electric toothbrush?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-25      Origin: Site

When choosing a suitable electric toothbrush, the following points should be noted: The Chinese residents' oral health guidelines advocate the use of electric toothbrush with the following characteristics: [1] ① The brush head is small, so that it can rotate freely in the oral cavity (especially in the back of the mouth);② The bristles are arranged reasonably, generally 10 to 12 bundles long and 3 to 4 bundles wide, and there is a certain distance between the bundles, which is not only conducive to effective oral cleaning, but also easy to clean the electric toothbrush itself;(3) the bristles are soft, the bristles are of appropriate length, and the bristles are rounded and blunt to avoid the damage of the teeth and gums caused by the electric toothbrush;④ The length and width of the electric toothbrush handle are moderate, and it has an anti-slip design, so that it is convenient to hold and feel comfortable.

For electric toothbrush, we should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) the professional grinding rate is called grinding, that is, the electric toothbrush bristles monofilament top contour to remove acute Angle, burr treatment, so that the top becomes smooth.Generally speaking, the rounding rate of adult electric toothbrush bristles shall not be less than 50%, and the rounding rate of children's electric toothbrush shall not be less than 70%.

(2) vibration mode, electric toothbrush has two ways of acoustic vibration and rotating friction.The former uses the high-speed vibration of the bristles to generate bubbles to impact the teeth, which is less stimulating to the gums and is suitable for people with sensitive teeth.The latter left and right rotation friction teeth, tooth stimulation is larger, suitable for people who are not so sensitive, and people who like to brush their teeth with electric toothbrush.

(3) Battery life, according to personal preferences, frequent charging may affect the experience of use.With all that said, it's time for anyway products that are easy to use.

(4) At present, there are two kinds of mainstream electric toothbrushes on the market: 1. Sound wave electric toothbrush 2.Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush.Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush: Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush does not literally use "sound wave" to brush teeth, but refers to the electric toothbrush vibration frequency (31000 times /min) close to the speed of sound wave, so it is called acoustic vibration electric toothbrush.The characteristics of acoustic electric toothbrush are mild. It mainly uses the high-speed vibration of the bristles to produce bubbles to impact the teeth, and then takes away the debris between the teeth. The noise is low and it will not cause great damage to the gums.More suitable for Asian oral conditions, orthodontic or wear braces recommended to use acoustic electric toothbrush. Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush: mainly through the bristles of high-speed pendulum type friction to clean the teeth, cleaning ability is stronger than the acoustic vibration electric toothbrush, for removing long-term drinking and smoking yellow teeth effect is better.But at the same time, for most of the Asian mouth, the experience is not very good, and the noise is relatively loud.Therefore, I personally recommend that you choose the acoustic vibration electric toothbrush.




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