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How to buy electric toothbrush, what elements should focus on?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrushes are divided into rotary type and acoustic type. Rotary cleaning power is strong, but easy to damage gums, not recommended to buy. Electric toothbrush on market at present uses acoustic wave type more, its cleanness force is appropriate, also not easy to injure gum. The cleaning power of acoustic electric toothbrush mainly depends on the vibration frequency of the brush head. The faster the vibration frequency, the greater the cleaning force will be, and it will be easier to clean the dirt on the tooth surface. However, the vibration frequency is not the greater the better, too fast vibration teeth will be unbearable. Experimental data show that the vibration frequency of adult electric toothbrush is 31000 times/min. It can clean oral hygiene more effectively without affecting the comfort and health of oral hygiene.

Soft bristles imported from South Korea, with segmented design, soft bristles on the outside, slightly hard in the middle, soft protection on the outside and deep clean inside. The roundness rate of the electric toothbrush bristles reached 92%, and the bristles volume increased by 19.8. 5 cleaning modes, so that everyone can find their own strength. Gear position memory function, convenient every time boot to find their own gear. Upgraded noise reduction design, operating volume only 55dB, belongs to a very quiet electric toothbrush. 30S change zone reminder, develop healthy brushing habits, one charge can last 25 days. Using magnetic levitation motor, can provide more torque, stronger power, directly to each brush tip, instantly produce a large number of condensation flow bubbles, deep into the tooth gap, take away food residue. Electric toothbrush has five different brushing modes, which can be used for different oral problems. 4 generation flexible brush head, selected dupont soft wool imported from the United States, high density hair planting, more effective cleaning. 99.5 high rounding rate, better than the same level of products on the market. It also has excellent battery life, lasting up to 100 days on a single charge. Induction charging, both convenient and safe. Comprehensive evaluation: excellent performance of an electric toothbrush! Very high appearance level of an electric toothbrush! The appearance is elegant and comfortable to touch. Whoever got it loved it. High frequency strong power motor, in the mouth to create abundant micro bubbles, to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning. Electric toothbrush Dupont soft brush imported from the United States, food grade material, excellent cleaning ability, but also does not damage gums. It has four cleaning modes and three power levels, which can form a total of 12 different gears, which is quite a variety of options. IPX7 waterproof, washing machine no problem, a charge can be used for half a year, long to forget to charge that, the battery life can be seen.

This electric toothbrush has a level of appearance that really conquers teenage girls, with an Instagram-inspired diamond cut design that will make up your sink. The 5 solutions are designed for Asian women with a small brush head with a high appearance and very soft bristles to gently care for the mouth. With a body of only 144G, it is very light to hold in the hand and easy for girls to use. Automatic memory brushing mode +30S change zone reminder +IP7X waterproof +100 days of endurance, for our scientific brushing provides a lot of convenience. General comments: very suitable for girls to use an electric toothbrush, couples also very good use!

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