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How to choose a couple electric toothbrush?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-03      Origin: Site

If you want to give your loved one a thoughtful and practical gift, an electric toothbrush is the perfect choice, and there are many couples that can help you take good care of your teeth together so you can continue to eat more delicious foods in the New Year. There are a lot of electric toothbrush lovers on the market. How to choose a good electric toothbrush when choosing? Here is to share with you the experience of buying electric toothbrush lovers!

To choose a good electric toothbrush, the most essential cleaning ability is the most important, so, put aside the lovers first, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing: cleaning ability: At present, there are 3D electric toothbrush, rotating vibration electric toothbrush and acoustic vibration electric toothbrush. In terms of cleaning ability, 3D is definitely the best, rotating vibration is second, acoustic wave is last, but the price is also decreasing. Although acoustic wave electric toothbrush has the weakest cleaning ability, but compared with manual toothbrush, its cleaning ability is absolutely great. Therefore, if it is cost-effective, acoustic electric toothbrush is recommended. To ensure good cleanliness, the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush must be 30000 times per minute and above, if the novice is on the line, and so on, the high frequency can be replaced, but not too high, there is damage to the gums. There should be at least 2 gears or more adjustment, this is especially friendly to the novice who just started using electric toothbrush. If you can't adapt to it, you can start from the lowest gear or gentle mode, and then choose other gear mode as you slowly adapt to it. Later replacement cost: the replacement of the brush head should also be considered in the purchase, can be within their own acceptable range. The above is the most basic points of electric toothbrush purchase, for lovers of electric toothbrush, the purchase also need to consider.

At first, I thought that the intelligence tax of electric toothbrush, and the function of ordinary toothbrush is to brush teeth, I would not give up to buy an electric toothbrush several hundred yuan more. Later, when dental disease really occurred, we knew that electric toothbrush was worth starting with. There would be a lot of food residues in our mouth, and the residues were hidden in the blind area of the mouth, which could not be touched by ordinary toothbrushes. The residues could breed bacteria in the mouth.

If it is the student party, the pursuit of cost-effective, but also to use. Vibration frequency is strong enough, and multi-gear adjustment, brush rounded rate is high, will not hurt the gums, electric toothbrush appearance is also very gentle color, high appearance level: It has 15 kinds of tooth cleaning options with 4 major modes, and can also combine modes, and has super strong battery life. Compared with other brands of electric toothbrush, it may not be well-known, but this one is absolutely cost-effective. For students with low budget, you can consider it if you want a good toothbrushing experience. Using the fifth generation of intelligent pressure sensing, protect gums, can also achieve teeth cleaning. Summary: Electric toothbrush set has certain advantages in price, but it is better to look at the appearance level of a single piece. If YOU let me choose, it must be a high appearance level!

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