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How to choose a good electric toothbrush

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How to choose a good electric toothbrush


electric toothbrush bulk is a new type of oral cleaning product appearing in recent years. With its gradual popularity, it has set off a new revolution in the field of oral health care. In the near future, sonic toothbrush bulk will also become an important part of oral cleaning tools. Statistics show that compared with ordinary toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush  can more thoroughly remove dental plaque, reduce gingivitis and heel bleeding. There are many kinds of sonic toothbrush  on the market. How to choose a good sonic toothbrush ? This has become a burning question for many people.


1. Who is suitable for toothbrushes electric?
Speaking of who is suitable for toothbrushes electric, I think everyone on the planet is suitable, but the main points are the following:


1. Lazy cancer patients hate to brush their teeth


Some people do not like to brush their teeth. As soon as the toothpaste goes into their mouths, they want to vomit. Within half a minute of brushing, they were over quickly, as if they had been through a massive ordeal. These people are much better off after using an electric tooth brush, because with an electric tooth brush, you can brush your teeth without opening your mouth.


2. Patients with oral diseases

The oral diseases mentioned here are relatively light, such as dental plaque, a small amount of calculus, slight gingival swelling, etc., because the teeth are not cleaned in place, oral problems will occur in the long run. You just need to brush your teeth. Work out


However, you need to go to a dental hospital for treatment of serious oral problems, such as cavities or other serious oral problems that affect normal life.


3. People who smoke, drink alcohol and drink coffee regularly


This group of people will cause tooth discoloration, smoke spots and other pigmentation. If you do not pay attention to brushing your teeth, it will not only affect the appearance for a long time, but also cause bad breath and affect oral health.
If you fall into these three categories, then you're perfect for an sonic sonic toothbrush bulk.


2. sonic sonic toothbrush bulk vs. sonic toothbrush


1. Check the sound of the sonic electric toothbrush during use


Under normal circumstances, when the sonic electric toothbrush is started, its movement determines whether it will make a lot of noise after it is turned on. The noise produced by an kids electric toothbrush can be very loud and noisy, while the sound produced by a sonic toothbrush is relatively more persistent and does not feel noisy.


2. Look at the charging method and working cycle of the kids electric toothbrush

The battery determines the charging mode and working cycle of the electronic toothbrush. Battery-operated electronic toothbrush must be powered by batteries, which drain power easily. In the rechargeable electronic toothbrush, the rechargeable toothbrush is the best, the rechargeable battery is the best lithium battery, the working cycle is generally three to six weeks.


3. Look at how the electric toothbrush manufacturer feels in your hand


This is also determined by the sport. When some electric toothbrush manufacturer are turned on, the body of the toothbrush vibrates violently, numbing your palms. And sonic toothbrush - this phenomenon does not happen in ordinary use.


4. Look at how an electric toothbrush manufacturer works


electric toothbrush manufacturer usually have a vibrating pattern, Sonic toothbrushes usually work in three different modes, depending on personal preference.


5. Check out the smart reminder function of an electric toothbrush factory


This feature is actually very important because electric toothbrush factory have greater cleaning power than manual toothbrushes. If you brush your teeth in one place for a long time, it will inevitably cause excessive cleaning and bring a burden to your teeth. Some electric toothbrush factory have a 30-second reminder function to avoid brushing in one place. If it's taking too long, it's time to move it elsewhere. It's practical to do everything with your mouth.


6. See Sonic Toothbrush for other details and features


Such as Waterproof rating: A premium sonic toothbrush allows you to brush your teeth even in the shower; Another example is the quality of the bristles of the brush head: for the toothbrush, the quality of the bristles is also very important; Non-slip handle: avoid water too slippery and fall off.


Three, the purchase of sonic toothbrush manufacturer must follow three principles


How to choose an sonic toothbrush manufacturer? When choosing an sonic toothbrush manufacturer, the first thing you have to do is follow the three principles of buying an sonic toothbrush factory, which can fundamentally avoid choosing an sonic toothbrush factory that hurts your teeth.


1. Oral care should be gradual

The oral environment needs to be gradually improved. Don't rush it. Even if you are anxious about dental problems, you should not buy those electric toothbrush wholesale that vibrate too much. Although the friction of electric toothbrush wholesale does need attention, the tolerance of teeth cannot be ignored!


2. Know your oral health correctly


No matter what kind of oral care product you want to use, you need to correctly judge your oral condition first. You shouldn't blindly follow the trend and buy the same model from influencers. tooth


3. Choose sonic toothbrush wholesale scientifically


In the purchase of sonic toothbrush wholesale, we should be scientific and rational, do not blindly follow the trend of Internet celebrities, celebrity endorsement products, because they generally do a good job of marketing hype, but the lack of electric toothbrush agency related professional technology, product damage rate is high.
Fourth, choose the method/step of electric toothbrush agency


1. Check the cleaning strength of an sonic toothbrush agency


For a good sonic toothbrush agency, the most important thing is to have a good cleaning ability. It can be told by the number of revolutions per minute of the toothbrush. If the number of rotations is more, it proves that the cleaning ability is greater. However, higher speed electric toothbrush dealer will be relatively more expensive. In addition to speed, there is also the choice of strength. If the electric toothbrush dealer has multiple strength options, it will be more helpful to choose the best brushing strength. Everyone has different brushing habits, and it's best to adjust them according to your needs.

2. Look at what an sonic toothbrush dealer can do


Many brands of sonic toothbrush dealer now have multiple functions, not just to clean teeth. Some electric toothbrush trader on the market are divided into six tooth cleaning modes: daily care, heel massage, sensitive rubbing, whitening and polishing, deep cleaning and tongue cleaning. When brushing, adjust according to the condition of the mouth. Brushing time and strength reminder, etc., people who have higher requirements for electric toothbrush trader can try. Of course, whether you need these features can also be selected according to your personal needs. It's not important to want simplicity and convenience.


3. Pay attention to the safety of sonic toothbrush trader


sonic toothbrush trader rely on electricity to turn the brush head to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. Oil switch problem, safety can not be ignored. However, when brushing your teeth, the toothbrush must touch water, so be sure to choose an sonic toothbrush trader with good water resistance and high value. Therefore, when buying an electric toothbrush company, you must have a comprehensive understanding that you can't lose your life because of brushing.


4 Check out the buzz about electric toothbrush company


From the word of mouth of sonic toothbrush company, you can more directly see which brand of sonic toothbrush company is good, because the public's choice can never go wrong.

5. Variety


Try to choose more modes of sonic toothbrush company, although most of the time we habitually use one mode. But if you spend the same money but have a different experience, why not do it? After all, everyone has sensitive teeth.


However, more is not better, mainly depending on the frequency interval of vibration. It doesn't matter if the intervals are wide and there are many patterns. If the interval span is small and there are many modes, then the difference between each mode will be small and the practicality will be low. idea


4. Precautions


1. The price of this product is indeed very low, but also because the input cost is too low, the manufacturer will only use inferior materials, including hollow cup motors, unwound bristles, etc., not to mention poor user experience, and the risk of tooth damage rate is very high. When buying an electric toothbrush supplier, do not be greedy for cheap, choose some three no products and fake products.


2. It is best to choose a soft brush, because a hard brush head can easily damage the gums, leading to oral problems such as gum bleeding and inflammation. The quality of the brush head is affected by the rounding rate of the brush hair, the softness and hardness, the hair planting rate and other factors. For example, the hardness of the bristles, it is best to choose moderate and soft bristles, which is more suitable for the oral environment of Chinese people. If the texture of the bristles is too hard, the wear of the teeth will be serious. If the texture of the bristles is too soft, the bristles are not tough enough, and the cleaning power of the product will be greatly affected. Among them, you should buy a medium sized brush head product. Too large a brush head is too flexible to take into account the cleaning of some blind spots, but too small a size will hinder the cleaning efficiency.


3. Give priority to professional and powerful brands


Brands with outstanding professional strength will invest a lot of manpower and material resources to adjust and improve more than 100 core parameters, including the uniformity of the swing, the round rate of the bristles, etc., and the tooth damage rate alone is 300% lower than that of non-professional brands!


4. Buy brands with good after-sales service

It's best to buy a brand that supports a 7-day trial and has a low cost of replacing the brush head. It is recommended that you buy an electric toothbrush supplier brand with a trial period of 7 days and a reasonable cost of replacing the brush head. For example, a return and exchange within 7 days for no reason is very useful. You can try it out for yourself before deciding whether to buy it or not. Take the cost of a brush head. Usually, at least four brush heads need to be replaced a year. If the cost of the brush head is too high, it will increase the cost of living.


5. Pay attention to the swing Angle


The swing Angle needs to be controlled in the range of 3-9 degrees, Otherwise, it will affect the cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush supplier and its ability to protect teeth and gums.


6. Choose products with good oral compatibility


Oral health will change with changes in cleaning habits, dietary preferences and other factors, so it is best to choose products with better compatibility. For example, products from no less than 4 stalls can be adapted to more usage scenarios.


7. Sonic sonic toothbrush supplier is recommended


Mainstream sonic toothbrush supplier can be divided into two types: rotary and sonic. The rotary sonic toothbrush supplier has good cleaning power, but it is easy to stimulate gums and teeth, causing tooth damage, and is not suitable for Chinese people. The cleaning power of the sonic electric toothbrush vendor is not worse than that of the rotary type, but it has a higher degree of tooth protection and a wider cleaning range, which is more suitable for Chinese people with low oral tolerance.


After teaching the shopping tips, I would like to tell you that more than 90% of Chinese people suffer from oral diseases. Only more efficient cleaning tools can cope with such a complex and harsh oral environment. That's why mainstream dentists do it. It is recommended that the public use electric toothbrush vendor with various advantages.

1. The cleaning power of electric toothbrush vendor is hundreds of times that of manual toothbrushes. It can easily remove plaque in blind spots such as the back of the tooth and cavities. These are also areas with a high incidence of dental disease and therefore help to alleviate periodontal disease.


2. It can control the brushing intensity at a precise value, and the vibration frequency is stable, unlike manual toothbrushes, the strength often changes, and it is easy to clean the teeth.


3. It saves time and effort to brush teeth. It can achieve the effect of manual toothbrush for nearly 20 minutes in 2 minutes, which is suitable for busy people.
4. Long-term adherence can also reduce bad breath and whiten teeth.


sonic toothbrush vendor have many benefits, and continuous use can effectively improve oral health. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an sonic toothbrush vendor as soon as possible. However, everyone should pay special attention when buying an sonic toothbrush vendor, not to blindly follow the products of big name network celebrities, but to choose a professional electric toothbrush bulk under the premise of not damaging the teeth, to bring the best cleaning and comfort to our teeth. Protect!


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