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How to choose an electric toothbrush as gift?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-17      Origin: Site

Too soft bristles will not clean your teeth, so choose a bristle with moderate hardness and softness. Choose a high-quality motor. The electric toothbrush should be started, and the source of vibration is the motor -- high frequency and durable uniformity are essential elements.High quality motor has strong and stable power, less power consumption, and good noise reduction effect. It also stably cleans the surface and shallow gap of teeth in different positions, so that teeth are evenly white and healthy.3. When purchasing, pay attention to the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush. Generally, the higher the vibration frequency, the better the cleaning effect of the product.Children and people with sensitive teeth can choose products with a slightly lower vibration frequency.The higher the vibration frequency is, the noise and vibration in the hand will be relatively strong, so when choosing a electric toothbrush, you can consider whether the working noise and vibration can be accepted.

The reason why I recommend this electric toothbrush is that its appearance level is really very high, the color is particularly beautiful, the handle of the electric toothbrush is made of matte material, and the texture is very good.Grip feeling is delicate and hard, electric toothbrush is simple fashion, the handle is relatively thin, girls grip more comfortable.It is understood that the electric toothbrush has a total of five brushing modes, you can choose to suit your own mode.In addition, silent design is another bright spot of electric toothbrush. It adopts the dual-patented magnetic levitation dual-core motor design from China and Germany, and uses the metal shaft to drive the brush head to swing. Through a more reasonable overall component structure design, the noise of electric toothbrush is reduced and a more comfortable brushing environment is provided for people.

Electric toothbrush has been tested by domestic and foreign institutions, which can effectively remove stubborn dental plaque and calculus, improve the oral environment of teeth and improve dental health.Manual toothbrush will also lead to tooth injury, because excessive violence brushing, or poor control of the intensity of excessive friction is also very common things, more importantly, uneven strength, or some teeth are not hard, easy to brush dirty, such a long-term accumulation of dental plaque, leading to more diseases.The strength of the electric toothbrush is uniform and stable, and it can clean the teeth evenly in place with the same strength for any part.Is it appropriate to give a girl an electric toothbrush? What does it mean?In this article, I have elaborated my views to you in detail. I believe that you have learned more about electric toothbrush through this article.So I summed up in the past few years more user-friendly, suitable for girls electric toothbrush, we can according to the needs of rational grass.The last is to remind you that when buying electric toothbrush, it is best to determine the reliable brand according to their budget, and then choose the right model of their own.

Remember not to buy cheap inferior electric toothbrushes inferior electric toothbrushes can also over wear teeth, damage the oral environment of teeth.I have bought three electric toothbrushes of less than 100 yuan. They are all very bad in terms of feel, texture of bristles and overall experience of brushing, so it is not recommended to buy them.