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How to choose an electric toothbrush?

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How to choose an electric toothbrush?


Sonic toothbrush  is a kind of oral care products with excellent cleaning effect, which has been widely concerned by Chinese people. However, faced with a large number of sonic toothbrush  brands, many people are confused and do not know how to choose an sonic toothbrush . The toothbrushes electric industry is full of many inferior electric toothbrushes, most of which come from big Internet celebrities and crossover brands. These brands are generally contract manufacturers of toothbrushes electric. The appearance looks good, but the optimization of the core parameters of the electric tooth brush such as gum protection, dynamic strength, and crowd matching is only a passing grade. Irreversible conditions, such as movement. Many of my friends just pick and choose when they buy electric tooth brush. It is easy to choose products that are not suitable for you and lead to various oral problems. So as to In order to prevent people from blindly choosing sonic electric toothbrush, you must master the following strategies for choosing high-quality sonic electric toothbrush, and choose the electric toothbrush suitable for you according to these strategies:


1. Follow the three basic rules of buying an electric toothbrush


1. Improving oral health should not be rushed, it needs to be gradual


Oral health needs to be improved gradually. Do not choose some violent cleaning products, these products are not only bad for the teeth, but also easy to damage the teeth.


2. Understand the condition of your mouth correctly

No matter what type of oral care product you want to buy, you need to properly understand the condition of your mouth. If you feel that your oral health is not painful or itchy in the early and middle stages of dental disease, and you do not pay attention to the choice of kids electric toothbrush, then it is easy to choose a product that hurts your teeth and endangers our oral health.


3. Choose wisely


Everyone must be scientific and reasonable when buying an kids electric toothbrush. When you see Internet celebrities with goods, don't think the product is good. Quite the contrary, many big Internet celebrities are just good looking and famous. In fact, the product lacks professional technology, not to mention relevant technical adjustments. We buy electronic toothbrush to use, not to look at. 
2. Choose a professional and powerful electronic toothbrush


The professional electric toothbrush manufacturer brand has adjusted and optimized more than 100 adjustment parameters and indicators such as population compatibility, dynamic strength range, vibration frequency range, and swing Angle, perfectly adapting to the oral environment of Chinese people! These things, which require a lot of time and energy, are difficult roads not taken by Internet celebrities who pursue short-term, flat, quick gains.


1. Magnetic levitation motor is recommended


There are two main types of electric toothbrush manufacturer motors, magnetic levitation motor and hollow cup motor. Maglev motors are usually used in mid - to high-end models. They have excellent performance, precise construction, low operating noise and a good brushing experience. I suggest everyone buy it! The performance of the coreless motor is very poor. Its strength is easily attenuated, the vibration frequency is unstable, the noise is loud, and the risk of tooth injury is high. I suggest everyone buy it!


2. Choose a compatible electric toothbrush factory


It is best to choose an electric toothbrush factory with a variety of brush heads, rich gear modes and a large enough vibration frequency span. Such products are very compatible and can easily cope with various changes in the oral environment.


3. It is recommended to choose acoustic sonic toothbrush manufacturer


There are two main types of electric toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes and rotary toothbrushes. Among them, the cleaning power of the rotary sonic toothbrush manufacturer is not bad, but it is also easy to wear teeth. It is recommended that you choose a sonic sonic toothbrush factory. Its cleaning power is not bad, and it has better tooth protection and a better brushing experience. It is very suitable for Chinese people with low oral tolerance.


4. The swing range is most suitable between 3-9 degrees


If the swing amplitude of the sonic toothbrush factory is too small, the cleaning power of the product will be relatively poor, but the swing amplitude can not be too large, which is easy to damage the teeth. It is recommended that you buy an electric toothbrush wholesale with an Angle of swing between 3 and 9 degrees.


5. Choose an electric toothbrush wholesale with a high-quality brush head


The quality of the brush head has a lot to do with factors such as the size of the brush head, wrapping performance and the softness of the bristles. For example, the roundness of the bristles. If the roundness of the bristles is too low, it is easy to damage the teeth. It is best to choose an sonic toothbrush wholesale with a roundness of more than 80%.


6. Buy one with a long battery life


It is recommended that you choose an sonic toothbrush wholesale with a battery life of more than 1 month. If the battery life is too poor, we have to charge the product frequently. Not to mention the trouble, the battery life will quickly shorten.


7. When buying an electric toothbrush agency, choose a good after-sales service


It is best to choose a brand that can be tried for seven days and has a warranty of more than one year. You still have to pay Pay attention to brush head replacement costs. After all, you need to change the brush head four times a year. If the cost of replacing the brush head is too high, it will be a waste of money.


8. Use a professional brand


Although many influencers have a choice of material, they have only been in the industry for a year or two. They have little experience in oral care and do not have fine population-based compatibility matching based on the Chinese oral environment.


9. Pay attention to the quality of brush head


The quality of the brush head is affected by factors such as roundness, hardness and the size of the brush head. For example, the hardness of the bristles. It is best to use moderately soft bristles to avoid the problem that the bristles are too hard and the teeth are damaged, and the brush is too soft and the cleaning power is weak.

10. Electric toothbrush agency must have a corresponding battery life


It is recommended to choose products with a certain battery life, preferably more than 30 days, otherwise you need to charge frequently, and the battery will age quickly.


If you do not follow the above sonic toothbrush agency buying strategy, blindly follow the trend to buy an sonic toothbrush agency, you are easy to buy an inappropriate electric toothbrush, resulting in dental damage. At present, the oral quality of Chinese people is very poor, and the dental health rate is less than 1%. Many people are in the early and middle stages of oral disease and have no obvious pain, so they mistakenly believe that their teeth are healthy. If they buy inferior products, it is easy to cause the following three disadvantages:
Disadvantages 1. The bristles of inferior electric toothbrush dealer are rough, and the vibration frequency fluctuates. It is easy to excessively wear down the enamel and scratch the gums during use, which can easily cause toothache, tooth acid, and frequent bleeding of the gums.

Disadvantage # 2. Almost all Chinese people have dental problems. Based on such an oral cavity, once an unprofessional electric toothbrush dealer is used, it is easy to irritate the diseased parts of the oral cavity, leading to the deterioration of dental diseases.


Weakness No. 3. Poor quality sonic toothbrush dealer can cause chronic tooth damage. This damage is not easy to spot, but it can continue to damage the health of your teeth, causing irreversible problems like receding gums and loose teeth!


If we want to avoid the disadvantages of sonic toothbrush dealer that damage teeth, we must choose electric toothbrush trader correctly. But in fact, choosing the right product is not easy. Today, the electric toothbrush trader market is chaotic and confusing, It also creates a lot of obstacles for us to buy. The following are the four most common industry chaos in the sonic toothbrush trader industry, we must pay attention to distinguish.


Confusion # 1: Poor professionalism.


With the rapid development of the sonic toothbrush trader industry, it has also attracted many Internet red brands and cross-border big brands to start making electric toothbrushes. These brands have generally only entered the industry in the last year or two and have little experience in oral care, let alone expertise in electric toothbrush company. These low grade professional electric toothbrush company have a very high rate of tooth damage.

Chaos 2: Use price wars to compete in the marketplace.


Price wars are common in the sonic toothbrush company industry. In order to achieve low prices, businesses ignore the oral safety of Chinese people. They use low-quality materials such as low-rounding bristles and cheap hollow cup motors to make sonic toothbrush company.


The Chinese oral cavity is very complex and the oral environment is always changing. It is necessary to use a compatible product, so that the electric toothbrush supplier can easily cope with various changes in the oral environment. However, most current electric toothbrush supplier are not very compatible. They usually have problems such as insufficient gears, narrow vibration frequency range, and few brush head types. This kind of poorly compatible electric toothbrush is difficult to match the oral environment of the Chinese people, and it is very easy to damage the teeth when using.
A good sonic toothbrush supplier has many benefits for your teeth


Advantage 1: sonic toothbrush supplier has super cleaning power, can prevent and improve dental diseases


In terms of cleaning power, electric toothbrush vendor are dozens of times better than manual toothbrushes. The electric toothbrush vendor can clean the areas with high incidence of dental diseases such as between the teeth, tooth decay, tooth back and tooth root that are difficult to clean with a manual toothbrush.


Advantage # 2: Save time and effort




When brushing with a manual toothbrush, it takes at least ten minutes to clean your teeth, while an sonic toothbrush vendor only takes two to three minutes to clean your mouth. Using a manual toothbrush works better than 10 minutes, saving time and effort.

Benefit three: Can whiten teeth, remove bad breath


Sonic toothbrush vendor can clean stubborn stains deposited on the outer layer of teeth, slow the formation of tartar, comprehensively clean the mouth of plaque and food debris, avoid bad breath, thereby removing bad breath and whitening teeth.


Bonus # 4: Perfect for people with braces


While cleaning the teeth, the electric toothbrush bulk can also massage the gums to help the soft tissues of the gums recover themselves. It is perfect for friends with braces. It can help everyone relieve the heavy pressure that braces put on their gums and prevent gum recession.


Advantage five: electric toothbrush bulk cleaning power is accurate and controllable
Manual toothbrushes rely entirely on themselves to control the Angle and force of brushing. The area of the front teeth that is easy to clean is too firm and can easily cause excessive wear on the teeth. Wisdom teeth and the inside of teeth are difficult to clean, and there are dead spots that are easy to clean. Professional electric toothbrush bulk have stable vibration frequency and precise brushing force.




Under the influence of industry chaos, there are more and more products that damage teeth in the electric toothbrush bulk industry, and in order to cover up the problem of damaged teeth, businesses will hype products that protect gums and teeth, so everyone should be vigilant when buying electric toothbrush bulk. However, the premise of buying an electric toothbrush is to choose a good electric toothbrush product to ensure the cleanliness of the mouth Chamber and product after-sales support. There are many brands in the market, many of which are hybrid brands. Therefore, it is best to choose big-name products when choosing, and you can also choose according to the reputation of consumers.


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