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How to choose children's electric toothbrush

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin: Site

Many precious mothers struggle to brush their babies' teeth. Is it better to use a manual toothbrush or a children's electric toothbrush?In my personal experience, children prefer electric toothbrushes.

A while ago, my child went to the dental clinic for a routine dental examination and cleaning, the doctor praised the child's teeth again white and healthy in fact, my child loves sweets, so I pay attention to her dental health!Of course, they also pay more attention to the way and tools their children brush their teeth.Once my mother asked me, "What if my baby doesn't like to brush his teeth?"In fact, my baby did not like to brush his teeth before. Later, I learned from chatting with other precious mothers that their babies were using electric toothbrushes and were very active in brushing their teeth. So I looked through a lot of materials about children's electric toothbrushes and compared them.I also bought my daughter an electric toothbrush suitable for baby, and some parents would ask "how old is the baby ready to use an electric toothbrush?"At this point, I also looked up some expert data. According to the data, there is no strict age limit for using electric toothbrush, but it is not recommended for young children, usually after 2 years old.

I choose the point I care most about electric toothbrush: electric toothbrush should be comfortable baby's gums are delicate, if the toothbrush is not comfortable, it will have great resistance to brushing, and it will become extremely difficult for the baby to brush teeth. Children's electric toothbrush is better bristle material:In addition to bristle material, there is another important index for DuPont bristles and pointed wire bristles, that is, roundness rate. To be simple, a qualified toothbrush bristle must remove acute angles and no burrs. Therefore, the rounder a single bristle is, the less damage the electric toothbrush will cause to the gums.

My baby also like, before the baby is quite actually don't like to brush your teeth, use her favorite dessert coaxed her to use once the electric toothbrush, let her brush your teeth, she didn't also less resistance to brush your teeth clean and in Baby brush his teeth brush clean easily, especially the inside teeth and the teeth, in the long run, the teeth would be easy to a problem.This baby electric toothbrush is acoustic vibration type, can go deep into the teeth to clean teeth, but not hurt the gums. This electric toothbrush automatically timing 2 minutes, every 30 seconds automatically remind children to change the toothbrush area, teach children to brush scientifically, do not miss any teeth, the baby can brush their own teeth clean.

And the electric toothbrush has automatic memory function, according to the baby's tooth habits can be adjusted freely ~

My baby's teeth are relatively healthy, so I use the most common mode of electric toothbrush. Now the baby has formed a good habit of brushing his teeth in the morning and evening. Sometimes I am too busy to forget, she will move a small stool to the bathroom to brush her teeth with electric toothbrush, it is too easy!

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