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How to choose electric toothbrush?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site

The noise is very low.It's the quietest of the electric toothbrushes I've used, barely audible.Anyway, in general, the price is pretty good, the price is not expensive, this brand of electric toothbrush is also pretty net red, a lot of people on the Internet with goods to recommend, you can go to the Internet to see their own understanding, pretty good.

In the previous answer to how to brush with electric toothbrush, I mentioned that I am using, used, more useful electric toothbrush recommended.What is a good electric toothbrush that is suitable for you? In your budget, it is suitable for your oral health, including no damage to the teeth and gums, moderate brush head size, high bristles round rate, special care for sensitive teeth and so on.When you look at electric toothbrushes, you should not only look at the brand. A good brand may not suit you, and you can not just look at who is popular recently. After all, you can spend money to promote these things.

A good electric toothbrush works.At present, there are mainly the following types of electric toothbrushes that can be found on the market: 1. Electric toothbrushes with a small round head rotating back and forth at the top of the brush head have high cleaning efficiency (that is, it is relatively easy to clean). There are some minor problems: slightly louder noise, slightly more wear on teeth than the sonic toothbrush mentioned later, and slightly shorter battery life; 2.The whole brush head is driven by a so-called acoustic motor vibration electric toothbrush, cleaning efficiency is enough, small noise, waiting time is enough, most of the products have another small problem: vibration caused by teeth or lips acid numb;3, an electric toothbrush with a built-in eccentric motor, the whole toothbrush (not only the brush head) is driven by non-directional vibration, cleaning efficiency is very low, generally you have to change the battery.Most of the products in this category are cheap, over 100 or less.The proportion of this kind of products on the market is not low, often posing as category 2, also called their own sonic electric toothbrush, but please remember, this kind of products have no cleaning effect, it is better than manual brushing.As a useless product, although cheap, but in fact, the cost performance is very low, close to zero, not recommended to buy;4, in recent years new U electric toothbrush, also known as the so-called braces toothbrush, claim to quickly finish all teeth cleaning, clean and 3 basic have no ability to actually, makes braces hard to fit all of tooth shape, and teeth cleaning and surface is differ, it is difficult to through a whole thing to do clean, three to the thing itself is difficult to clean.It's often not cheap, and it's not recommended.

Since I lost the electric toothbrush, I have been using the manual toothbrush again. Although it works, it still feels a little worse.So I had a little idea to buy another electric toothbrush.As for the real idea of buying another, or even a more expensive, better electric toothbrush.

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