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How to choose electric toothbrush products?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-17      Origin: Site

Many people's idea of buying electric toothbrush is actually wrong. Now many brands advertise well, and many people only recognize the brand but not the manufacturer. But many people do not know that the international brand of electric toothbrush in order to stabilize the domestic razor market, the super cost of the production line; A brand has been exposed by 315, there is no own factory, product quality is worrying, the brand is in crisis; An OEM brand electric toothbrush, once in the online shop self-run consumption false three, loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan, just because the manufacturer's battery parameters are inconsistent with the real. (I won't name the brands here to avoid being attacked.) I'm not saying branded electric toothbrushes are bad, many of the big brands are also excellent. It's just that big brands often sell marketing value, not product value. The simplest way of thinking about "brand" is to advertise more, and more people will know it. Everyone knows this "brand". But advertising costs money. Where does the money come from? From people who are willing to pay for the "brand". I have no right to interfere if you are willing to pay for the brand, but as a person who earns thousands of yuan a month, I will give priority to the high-quality manufacturers. I bought an electric toothbrush of a foreign brand before, and the experience was very good. However, one year later, the product was broken and could not be used any more. Maybe it has something to do with my job as a product manager. (When I was the product manager, I was responsible for the distribution and platform operation of your electric toothbrushes.) In recent years, I prefer the products of domestic manufacturers. I used the domestic electric toothbrush, which felt very good at the beginning, but later I found that the battery life was too short, the power was insufficient, and the brush was not clean. Probably because of occupational diseases, I am also a heavy user of electric toothbrush. In the past more than ten years, I have bought several electric toothbrushes for comparison. Finally, this domestic electric toothbrush whose name I have never heard before impressed me deeply. (Mostly bought at the end of '17 and still in use).

Students who use an electric toothbrush for the first time can start with an electric toothbrush with a vibration frequency of more than 20,000, and then go to the dental cleaning half a year later. The dentist can check the periodontal conditions, such as gum and tooth stones. For patients with sensitive gums or periodontitis, it is recommended to use mouthwash + electric toothbrush. Even with big-name electric toothbrushes, my gums still bled when I set the electric toothbrush to sensitive mode. Later, I checked and found bleeding gums, caused by external force on swollen gums. I've tried many things, but I recommend mouthwash every time you brush your teeth. The basic model I bought is as powerful as a brand that costs thousands more. I bought electric toothbrush and I used every frequency, basically the same, less noise. Take the top selling collection I bought from a major brand and compare it to the one I bought for a large amount of money, and see how the starter stacks up against the big brands.

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